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Tuesday's Trends: Embroidery

Hello lovelies! I spend a lot of my time pulling together designs for myself and my clients. Budgets don't always allow for customization, but that's always the goal that you should have for yourself. Think of fabulous ways you can make it look like the design was mad JUST for you! Sure, you might incorporate designs from mass retails stores, but it's little touches that make things look extra special! Looking for a simple answer for a custom look? Just throw in some embroidered details! It's all about THE DETAILS! Plus, there are so many chic options in both fashion and home design that will take your (or your home's) look to the next level! This embroidered dress is incredibly chic and detailed. It's a true showstopper!

via Tumblr

Can you imagine how many CHIC steps you'd take in these lovely Charlotte Olympia flats? I love anything with a French influence and the crocheted details with "Ooh La La" embroidery couldn't get any chicer! These are definitely going on my personal wish list.

Ooh La La Slippers from Charlotte Olympia

Embroidery has had its moment for a long time. Making samplers isn't de rigeur for young girls any longer. (Thanks goodness!) However, I do love the simple look of a embroidered fabric hoop as minimalist decoration in a more traditional setting. It's so prim and WONDERFUL!

via Embroidery Dreams

Don't let anyone tell you that embroidery can't be GLAM! (Did you see that first picture?) The embroidery on this fab little linen pillow feels very South Beach, doesn't it? Those shapes and colors are so art deco-inspired and I'd love to have it on any client's couch!

Talavera Embroidery Pillow from Kate Spain

When I think of an embroidered rug, this felt version wouldn't necessarily come to mind. How MODERN is this, though? The designer customizes this felt rug design. It's so minimalist, but would definitely keep you looking at it over and over. Who knew embroidery could look like this?!

Embroidery Rug from Charlotte Lancelot Design Studio

Embroidered details don't have to be flashy. Simple ones like these really TRANSFORM these pillowcases. A fun little DIY project, (if you're so inclined), could be adding embroidery to pillowcases like these. Or, if your prefer to buy, there are lots of wonderful options like these!

Motion Embroidery Linen Pillowcase Set from Coyuchi

What's your favorite style of embroidery, simple or glam? Let's start the fab conversation in the comments below!

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