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Spotted: Top 5 Fab Celebrity Homes

Hello Lovelies! I was catching up on my magazine reading this weekend and came across the latest issue of Architectural Digest. Have you flipped through yet? I love Architectural Digest because not only does it share new trends, it also let's us look inside celebrity homes. I love seeing how the celebs live! Today I've put together my top 5 FAB celeb homes. Will Ferrell's home was in the latest issue of AD. As soon as I saw it I had to hold my breath! It's STUNNING! The Manhattan loft was designed by New York based designer Shawn Henderson. He's done a fabulous job of keeping the space light and airy, and yet colorful at the same time. The home is modern and clean, yet has personality. Great job, Shawn! Will Ferrell's home

Will Ferrell's loft in Architectural Digest

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have done an amazing job with their Beverly Hills home. Instead of hiring one designer, the couple enlisted the help of three art dealers and designers to hand pick items for the home, Tommy and Kathleen Clements, Cliff Fong, and Harrison Holman. This is a bold move, because the home consists of five different tastes, the three teams and each member of the couple, too! Luckily, a beautiful gallery was created inside their home. I would love to live here! Ellen DeGeneres's home

Ellen DeGeneres's home in Architectural Digest

Julianne Moore's NYC garden is hard to come by here in city! With the help of landscape architect Brian Sawyer the gorgeous celeb has managed to carve out a little piece of serenity here in this busy city. In just two months Sawyer created a lush green space filled with ivy, fern and moss. It even has an unusual touch—a basketball hoop! I didn't think this would fit the style, but it works! Julianne Moore's garden

Julianne Moore's garden in Architectural Digest

Nina Garcia is constantly on the go. So when she decided to move into her Upper East Side, Manhattan home she enlisted the help of Gallery BAC owner and architect Carlos Aparicio to create a retreat. The mid-century pieces combined with a variety of rugs make up Garcia's peaceful home. Nina Garcia's home

Nina Garcia's home in Architectural Digest

Frank Sinatra is easily the most famous on this list, and his home is the most famous as well! The 1940's home is named Twin Palms after the two tall palm trees on the property. The home is decorated fabulously, but more important, the history of the home is unbelievable! You can now rent the home for weeks at a time. Just think of all the celebs that have had a cocktail there, attended a party there, AND even slept there! Frank Sinatra's home

The Sinatra House

It's fun to get a glimpse into the lives of celebs. Seeing how they live helps us get to know them a little better. Which one is your favorite celeb home?

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