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Simplifying Delicious: 5 Fab Spring Rolls Recipes

Hello Lovelies! It's almost spring and I'm sure you have the same thing on your minds as I do. I need to get in shape for summer! Once it starts getting warmer I like to eat lighter and healthier. Summer is just around the corner! Do you have go-to spring recipes? I like to turn to spring rolls for spring! Funny, right? Yes, the name is cute but spring rolls can be really healthy if made right...and not fried! Here are my favorite FAB spring roll recipes. Shrimp spring rolls Sweet Paul is one of my favorite chefs. I check out his blog often for new, fresh recipes. His take on the shrimp spring roll is delicious! Shrimp takes just minutes to cook, so this is one you can make for yourself after a long day at work, or for last minute guests. You know I love a good shortcut!

Shrimp spring rolls from Sweet Paul

Sesame crusted avocado spring rolls Sometimes you want a little more flavor in your spring rolls. For times like those, sesame crusted avocado spring rolls are perfect. They are crunchy and just the right amount of nutty. So healthy, too!

Sesame crusted avocado spring rolls from Naturally Ella

Sesame quinoa spring rolls If you love sesame, (like I do!), but want a little more filling in your rolls you MUST try the sesame quinoa spring rolls. Quinoa is a staple at my house...it's so good for you, and so tasty! It's surprisingly easy to make and pairs well with the sesame in these spring rolls.

Sesame quinoa spring rolls from Key Ingredient

Tofu spring rolls On the days I work out, I need a little more protein. Those days I turn to these tofu spring rolls. These healthy rolls are filled with grilled tofu and just about any veggie you have in your pantry. I always add avocado because it's filled with potassium and vitamins B, E and K. Just what you need after you hit the gym!

Tofu spring rolls from Alisa Burke

Light spring rolls When I need a little addition to my meals, I prep these light spring rolls. They are just enough to supplement your salad or sandwich, but may not be enough for an entire meal. They're vegetarian and vegan, so everyone can have them!

Light spring rolls from Naturally Ella

I obviously love spring rolls! What are your go-to healthy meals? Are you going to try out these recipes? I'd love to know what you think. Leave me a comment and let me know!

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