Robin is the best choice ever.

We interviewed quite a few designers and I knew right away that I was hiring Robin Baron before she left our first meeting. Robin carefully listened to both my husband and me who have very different tastes and needs. I felt listened to throughout the entire process...as did my picky husband!

We purchased our home from plans before it was built and Robin and her team designed it from the ground up. They helped turn our vision into the home of our dreams. We each got our big and little needs met with elegance and warmth. Shopping with Robin for our home was so much fun, and watching her select items was fascinating! Since we’ve moved in, my husband and I can’t stop talking about the elegance, charm and warmth that Robin created just for us. We made the best choice ever!!

Rene S., Manhasset, NY

Robin’s designs are beautiful and functional.

I have worked with Robin several times over the years, and while I immediately knew I loved the results of this last decorating upgrade, the endless time spent at home since the pandemic began has given me a special appreciation of everything she has done. Not only is everything beautiful, it is also functional. The new dining room built-in that Robin designed for me is an absolute life-changer! I just want you to know how often I think of Robin gratefully, as I’m sitting here loving my surroundings.

S.R., New York, NY

Robin Baron changed my life.

A fire ransacked my apartment, and I had no idea how to furnish an entire home from scratch. Thanks to Robin's creativity, extensive knowledge of the trade and a real gift for listening, my apartment is gorgeous. It looks and feels better than I imagined possible. And to her credit, it also feels like me. She's a talented designer, an excellent problem-solver and a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend Robin highly enough.

Bronwen H., New York, NY

Robin helped me create my vision.

Robin is wonderful. I was reticent about using a decorator because I wanted to create my own style. From the get-go, however, Robin worked with me and helped me create my vision, while imparting a wealth of ideas—all with a smile. And, she kept me within budget! You can't do better.

Alexandra K., New York, NY

RBD created a stunningly beautiful, yet comfortable home for us.

We hired Robin Baron to do the interior design for our newly renovated Manhattan townhouse. Robin and her wonderful staff did an outstanding job coordinating with our architect and contractor. They created a stunningly beautiful, yet comfortable home, all while keeping in mind our personal tastes and lifestyle. They were always available to answer simple questions or respond to construction issues as they arose. We found Robin and her staff to be completely approachable, talented, and knowledgeable with exquisite taste. I would recommend Robin to anyone who wants a home that will elicit in a "jaw dropping" reaction from all who enter. We are extremely pleased with the results of Robin's work.

Allen and Karen G., New York, NY

She understands and transforms homes into beautiful and exciting environments.

Robin understands what it takes to truly transform a home into a beautiful and exciting environment. She does so with grace, elegance and style. As a Real Estate broker who has worked with her many times to stage or re-model homes and apartments for re-sale, my experience is that I always achieve the highest sales prices when she has designed, decorated, or staged one of these homes. Working with Robin, and her staff, is always a win-win for both me and my clients.

DK, Cocoran Group Real Estate, New York, NY

Robin understood how important our home environment was to us.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Robin on several projects. She did the interior design in our primary home in Waccabuc, NY, as well as our vacation home in Naples, Florida. We loved working with Robin so much that when we were ready to downsize, we called Robin and asked her to work with us on our new home in Upper Westchester, NY. Working with Robin was fun and exciting! Robin understood how important our home environment is to us and she immediately got a sense of what we were looking for. She is a great problem solver, inexhaustible and loves her craft. In addition, all of her trades are extremely professional. Robin is truly a talented designer, as well as a lovely person…I look forward to working with her again.

Tom and Jo Ann F., Westchester, NY and Naples, FL

Robin Baron Design respected my budget and incorporated my taste.

Working with Robin Baron Design allowed a wonderful interaction of creativity and practicality. Robin took special interest in my needs and respected my budget as well as incorporated my personal taste and ideas in the final execution of the design. Living in Boston, out of the geographic range of NYC, allowed me access to NY style and the personal touch was not compromised. The experience was fun and as lifestyle and needs change in my family's lives, the solid foundation choices made with Robin Baron Design have stood the test of time.

Dr. Rochelle S., Boston, MA

Now our house is really a home.

We worked with Robin and her team just as we were about to have our fourth child and were renovating our apartment to accommodate our growing family. From the minute Robin walked in the door, she helped us visualize the possibilities. Robin has a great sense of space and because of Robin Baron Design we were able to use our space more efficiently than we could have hoped. Robin quickly assessed our design style and every recommendation she made worked within our comfort zone while still taking us to a more beautiful and sophisticated look than we ever would have gotten to on our own. Robin and her team were a pleasure to work with - professional, responsive and real. Now our house is really a home—and one that we all love spending time in—thanks to Robin Baron Design.

Gary C. and Karen S., New York, NY

I am 100% confident referring my clients to Robin Baron Design.

Robin Baron is an absolute pleasure to work with. She can see the style of her clients, from classic to super mod, and create a beautiful home where one wishes never to leave! She can turn a wreck into the home of your dreams. Or do a simple update to a kitchen. As a Manhattan real estate broker, I feel 100% confident in referring my clients to Robin.

Lisa S., Halstead Property LLC, New York, NY

Robin’s energy is contagious

Her input on all aspects of our combined apartment's construction and design was invaluable. With Robin's encouragement, I was open to new ideas and willing to expand my taste. The staff at Robin Baron Design is a pleasure to work with and Robin's energy is contagious!

Dan and Susan K., New York, NY

Robin is a true professional who is fun, energetic and eclectic.

I have worked with and known Robin for over 20 years. She is a true professional with excellent taste and easy to work with. She is fun, energetic and eclectic. She will accommodate your budget, aesthetic style and overall sensibility. I have never seen a finished product that was not excellently executed nor spoken to a single client that was not 100% satisfied. As an added benefit, Robin has the ability to round out all projects with her great taste in art. She finds fitting settings for interesting and excellent pieces, allowing the art to stand on its own, while maintaining a warm living environment at the same time. I would recommend Robin without question.

Lani D., New York, NY

Robin Baron’s vision reflected our individual needs.

What makes Robin unique as a designer is her passion, creativity and energy that she brings to every project and every detail. It is that vision and excitement, that ultimately reflected our individual needs and made our home beautiful and unique to us!

Dan and Rhoda C., Westchester, NY

Robin Baron Design transformed our house into a beautiful, tastefully finished home.

My wife and I loved the way our house transformed into a beautiful, tastefully finished home…all due to Robin Baron and her staff. What we really liked about Robin was that in our initial meeting she listened to what we wanted – for us the style was traditional with Italian and French accents. Many designers go off in the style they have in mind, not paying any attention to their client’s needs, wants and desires. Not so with Robin. Additionally, we loved the way she was not afraid to work with color…and it all came together beautifully. We admire Robin’s designing skills and would definitely recommend her.

Brett and Danielle B., Roslyn, NY

Great to work with because she really listens.

Robin Baron is great to work with because she really listens to her clients. One of Robin’s greatest strengths is her extraordinary sense of color. It gives her the ability to create interesting textures and pleasing hues without overwhelming a room. She continues to layer color with the addition of each new element which results in a powerful effect.

Jeff and Pam S., New York, NY

Robin Baron is creative and responsive.

Robin was fantastic to work with! Thanks to her, our renovations went smoother than I could have imagined, and the result is the kitchen of my dreams! She was creative and responsive, kept the project on schedule and stayed within our budget. I couldn't be happier!

Susan R., New York, NY

Robin was on time and on budget.

Our first experience with Robin Baron Design was 11 years ago. We had just fired the general contractor who put us into the middle of a renovation disaster joining the apartment next door. We found Robin and were impressed by her quick evaluation of the situation, her confidence, the depth of her knowledge, and how easy it was to share with her the look and feel we were looking for. She sent in her team and they worked their magic – on a budget. It was perfect and to this day remains the favorite part of our home. We were so impressed with the results we asked Robin to do the rest of the apartment. This went so well that we asked her to do our summer home in Woodstock. The look we wanted was completely different from our apartment and she understood what we wanted. She did it on time and on budget. We love our home. The amazing part of this experience is that no matter what went wrong during the process, Robin made it right. We’re planning an expansion of our Woodstock home later this year and, as you might guess, our first call was to Robin. We continue to be impressed by her sources, creativity, the quality of her associates, and especially how easy it is to work with her. Once again, looking forward to a successful conclusion without a lot of hassle.

Steve and Linda W., New York, NY and Woodstock, NY


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