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Tuesday's Trends: Chic Dorm Room Digs with H&M Home

Hello Fabulistas! If you haven't already noticed, I'm thrilled about the launch of H&M Home stateside. I'm always weak in the knees for an affordable home goods source. There are so many fab options for decorating a dorm room in the collection. You or your college student may have already moved in for the semester. But why not spruce up the space a little bit and make it feel more at home? Cushion Cover Transforming a dorm room into a home means adding some personality. I love these rectangular cushion covers as a chance to spice up a boring futon or arm chair. Small spaces can have major personality, too!

cushion cover

Fashion-y Shower Curtain Many suite-style bathrooms already come equipped with a standard shower curtain. So why not switch it out for something with personality? This cute, colorful one will make early morning classes seem a little less dreadful.

shower curtain

Chic Laundry Hamper

Toting laundry to the dorm laundry room can be quite the chore. This sturdy, (but chic!), hamper is stylish and gender neutral. Plus, it keeps unmentionables out of sight!

laundry bag

Warm Throw Blanket

Dorms can be freezing! Sometimes college students need to wrap up while studying, or relaxing, in rooms without snuggling up in bed. This chunky knit throw is stylish and functional, the ultimate goal in decorating.

chunky-knit blanket

Animal Print Hand Towels

You know that I always love a little bit of leopard print! It can be a little overwhelming in large doses, though, so I love the hand towels as a chance to incorporate some print into a dorm space.

guest towels

Which pieces would you use to decorate a dorm room space? Do you have any creative dorm room ideas? Please share them in the comment space below!

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