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Light Bright: How To Work Candle Light

Hello Fabulistas! I've been thinking of interesting ways to light the home. After all, well-lit rooms feel happier! I like to find unique ways to light all four corners of a room. Candles are a fabulous way to bring light into a space while adding a little glamour. Here are a few ways I like to incorporate candle light into rooms. Add a Candle Chandelier Candle light is simply the most gorgeous form of light. Why not use actual candles above a dining table, or in a foyer? Candle chandeliers feel weighty, like they have some history behind them. You can opt for modern OR traditional versions. Both give off great light! How to use candle light

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Light Your Bookcase! My clients are often confused about how to decorate their bookcases without having them feel cluttered. I like to fill a few shelves with candles. They add a little shimmer and draw your eye from across the room. Candles in bookcases make me feel like I'm in a glamorous hotel, don't you agree?

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Fill an Empty Fireplace with Candles If you don't have a working fireplace, candles are the easiest way to bring light and heat to your space. I like to use a cluster of tall, medium and short pillar candles inside my fireplace. The large grouping will add a lot of light and warmth to the room. How to use candle light

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Arrange a Candle-Lit Table Setting Candles are a fabulous table setting idea, and they are so easy to use! You can use pillar candles alone, or use tea lights in vases or bowls. There are so many looks you can achieve with candles, your table can look different every time! Play with the different sizes and shapes and see what fits your home and your personality. How to use candle light

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Group on an Accent Table Sometimes the best decor on an accent table is something simple. While I try to look for things that represent me, sometimes I avoid the clutter and stick with something elegant, like candles. You can place a grouping on a foyer table, dining buffet, or even on a side table. Use your imagination! How to use candle light

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While candle light is gorgeous and sets a mood for you and your family, please be careful! I blow out candles when I leave a room, and I'm very careful to keep them out of reach of children and pets. Where do you light your home with candles?

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Light all four corners of a room. A well-lit room feels happier!

Evenly distributed light means fewer dark corners and shadows in the room.