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Design Insider: Details in Apartment Shopping

Hello Fabulistas! Finding a fabulous apartment can be difficult anywhere, but even more so here in New York City! Space is expensive, and if you're like me, you want to find a home with character and personality. There are a few details I look for when searching for apartments here in New York that can make a place really special. Plus, you can use these ideas most anywhere! Fireplaces Many look at fireplaces as a drawback, but they're a real gem! I love homes and apartments with fireplaces. There is so much you can do with them. If you take some time to clean and repair your fireplace, it can be a great focal point in your room. You can fill it with books, candles, or another fab detail. You can also hang a mirror or TV above the mantle...you have so many options! Apartment details

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Crown Molding I adore crown molding! It's such a fabulous feature to have in a home, and it can be used with many styles. You can pair crown molding with modern, sleek furniture or more traditional furniture, depending on your personality. I love to paint it white so you can really see all the detail.

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Fire Escapes It may seem odd, but fire escapes are a real treasure! You're not really allowed to have a lot out on your fire escape because it needs to be a clear exit path. However, depending on your space, you may be able to fit a gorgeous planter outside. This will give you an uplifting view when looking out of your window. Plus, fire escapes are great for mini-dates! Apartment details

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The Nooks Awkward nooks in NYC apartments can be the key to a fabulous apartment! With a little creativity, you can make the most out of your nooks. You can create a small office area, reading corner, or even an extra area for storage. This is an easy way to add your own personality to your space. Apartment details

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Panelling and Wainscoting If you haven't worked with panelling and wainscoting before, it can seem a little scary. But it's a fabulous detail to have in your space. You can paint your panelling an alternate color, or hang art between the panels. If you think outside the box, your home can be FAB! Apartment details

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There are so many details in old New York apartments that we often overlook. These details can make your space even more gorgeous than expected. Do you have any of these details in your home? I'd love to take a look, please send your pics over!

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