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Translating Trends: Fall TV Homes (Part II)

We had so much fun taking a peek at the tv set décor of our favorite television shows last week, that we’re bringing you more! Today we're going inside three homes of television's favorite unconventional extended family, and into the apartment of one truly inspirational female character.

Modern Family

One family. Three very different designs. The Dunphys: Claire, bless her heart, tries her hardest to keep her family in perfect order. She can’t always control her kids (or husband), but she does have precedence over her home's decor. It’s no surprise that she goes with a traditional look with a modern (family) twist.
Modern Family | Simplifyingfabulous.com image courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless
In the dining room, neutral walls are adorned with a wall art mix of paintings and plates – a trendy take on the traditional art display. The layout of the home is conducive for family gatherings (whether they happen or not) with a comfortable roll-arm sofa draped with throws from Pottery Barn in the living room, and a farm-style dining table, and island kitchen in the dining/kitchen space. The open floor plan lets the family interact, even when Mom’s in the kitchen and the kids are watching TV.
Modern Family | Simplifyingfabulous.com image courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless

The Pritchetts: At the beginning of the Modern Family series, Jay Pritchett's home was the ultimate bachelor pad – sleek surfaces, monochromatic color palette, and leather furniture. But as the series progressed, so did his vivacious Latina wife Gloria’s design presence. Bold reds and zebra prints soon began showing up on the walls, lampshades and furniture. Accents are key to keeping a strong style from looking overdone. See? Two opposite styles can live in harmony...(most of the time)!

Modern Family | Simplifyingfabulous.com image courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless
Cam & Mitchell: This couple is the savviest when it comes to design. Their living room is warm and comfortable, consisting of tufted and piped armchairs and sofa from Room Service in an earthy palette. The scrumptious wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Louisburg Green. Asian-inspired furniture from CB2 foreshadowed the couple's eventual adoption of their daughter Lilly home from China. Although the home is lovingly put together, Lilly's bedroom goes to show that even design aficionados can fall victim to a decorating disaster...
Modern Family | SimplifyingFabulous.com image courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless

Lilly’s room is a riot of faux pas, stripes and flowers, pinks and oranges, and let’s not forget the absurdly delightful mural of her winged fathers painted over her crib. Ah, parenthood.

Modern Family | Simplifyingfabulous.com image courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless

The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick is a superwoman! After being betrayed by her husband’s very public sex and political scandals, the stay-at-home mom steps up for her family and re-enters the workforce as a lawyer, amidst her own personal trauma. She somehow manages to balance work and two kids, while undergoing a complete life transformation. What's even more is that this character has created a home that is warm and reflective of her keep-it-all held-together lifestyle!
The Good Wife | Simplifyingfabulous.com image courtesy of CBS
The style of her apartment illustrates her number one priority – family. Her kitchen island provides the perfect place for family and friends to gather; the furniture looks warm and inviting. The dining room boasts a darker eggplant wall color, which has a symbolic purpose as well as creating a transitional palette from the two brighter neighboring rooms. The traditional dining chairs lend a cozy, family-oriented vibe and the collection of botanical prints serve as a great focal point.
the good wife | simplifyingfabulous.com image courtesy of CBS
Her bedroom is her own personal space – a place that she can come to get away from stress of everyday life. The serene color palette evokes a sense of calm. The king-sized bed may seem too big for the room to an outsider, but it holds special meaning to her, so kudos to her for keeping it! Proof that if you really love a piece, you can make it work in your décor. The Good Wife images courtesy of CBS's YouTube page

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