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Design on a Budget, Part 4: Pulling it All Together

Everybody deserves a home that they love and feel great in. Afterall, confidence begins at home! Great design, and feeling great about your home isn't a matter of budget...it's a matter of style! You can make your style work at any price point. My four-part Design Insider series "Design on a Budget" will help you define your style, make a budget, put the plan into action and tying it all together with the finishing touches! The goal? Create a home that you love.

Design on a Budget, Part 4: Pulling it All Together

Part 1 of Design on a Budget helped you define your style; Part 2, your budget; Part 3 showed you where to shop, now, it's about the finishing touches! The last step of any design project is to tie up all of the loose ends, ensuring that you have a look that you love! Remember that design and decorating evolves, so be flexible and have some fun! At this point, you have defined your tastes and put them to the test. Most of the shopping is finished; the last step is to add those final touches. Add those punches of color and those bursts of personality to your home, then sit back and enjoy.
simpfab.wpengine.com | simplifyingfabulous.com This client's kitchen backsplash is accentuated with custom cabinetry and fun, personal accessories. This tile is beautiful, but wouldn't be nearly as great without the "finishing touches!"
  1. It's the finishing touches that make a house a home! The final stretch is to add those last few items to make your home uniquely you.
  2. Add personality with color, repurposed and unusual finds.
  3. Take a risk, be daring! Don’t be afraid to do something a little different. This is your home, so make it everything you love!
  4. Consider my mini-guide of hotspots for the best (inexpensive-to-moderately priced) accessories:
Congratulations! You have officially designed on a budget. Sit back and enjoy your home. Relax, have a drink and simply enjoy your fabulous. And remember, good style doesn't have to cost a fortune…

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