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Fall Furnishing Trends

Last week I reported on how the New York design world was abuzz with the semi-annual New York International Gift Fair, a fabulous trade show showcasing what’s new and exciting in the worlds of handmade, jewelry, baby, gifts, garden accessories and, of course, home design. Located on the west side of Manhattan on Pier 94, the At Home section features the latest and greatest in home furnishing and accessories from companies around the world. I often forget just how extensive the show is, with so much to see and feast my eyes on. Last week I posted about the color and textile trends that I saw popping up every which way. This week, I wanted to follow up with my furnishing trends!

Who Let the Dogs Out

Owls are the oracles of the past. The new super popular animal that was running wild at the gift show was the canine. This is the year of the dog! I was starting to notice the common theme throughout some of the other booths when it hit me smack in the face at Clapper Hollow Designs, where there was an entire wall of dog prints on display.

Clapper Hollow | Simplifyingfabulous.com

Over Grace & Blake, collies, labs and more furry friends hung out as silouettes on throw pillows. If you can't cuddle up with a real pooch, you might as well do so with a pillow of one! Pugs and French Bulldogs both adorned the walls and the shelves of the displays at Mr. Brown. I'm not quite sure why they are all displayed alongside of little pear statues, but the rich browns and bronzes look great alongside the golden fruit!

Mr. Brown | Simplifyingfabulous.com

Green Galore

These days, if you're going green you're not trendy--you're just smart! Lots of people are doing what they can to be environmentally friendly, but these few brands had some green pieces that simply stood out from the rest. Each and every piece of furniture at Studio Salvage Crafts is made from salvaged raw materials.How cool would it be to sit in a chair that is made up of lots of little back stories? (I didn't snap a picture at their booth, unfortunately, but you can check out their pieces here!) At Shiner we fell in love with the recycled cardboard lighting fixtures, but it was the Mood Rocking Bed that stole our--and everyone else’s—hearts! Crafted from upcycled carbon steel, reclaimed lumber industry hardwood, this bed is a departure from the norm!

Shiner | Simplifyingfabulous.com

The amazing folks over at the beyt booth explained that reclaim items that are broken, not working or not loved and infuse new life into them. I found this approach especially lovely! I immediately gravitated toward this beautiful lamp. The shade is made from vintage fabric cushions and the base from old wrought iron. Gorgeous, no?

beyt | simplifyingfabulous.com

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