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Top Picks: A Few Things I'm LOVING Right Now

Hello there Fabulistas, Part of the thrill of working on luxurious design projects is the "hunt"! The design world has seen an influx of digital platforms that make decorating easier and faster than ever before and I’m always on the lookout for innovative ways to maximize my productivity while keeping my clients happy! A fellow art curator from Florida, introduced me to this gem (pun intended) as I was on the look out for exotic, worldly pieces and antiques for an upcoming project: The RubyLUX™ platform connects luxury product dealers with the most effective and diverse 21st century sales tools available. The difference between RubyLUX and the rest of the online selling market is their ability to provide sellers and buyers direct, efficient, and transparent access to one another, never interfering in a sale, and always staying active and current in the market with fundraisers, auctions and themed online events.


The Editorial Manager of RubyLUX, Cathy Whitlock, describes RubyLUX as, "a haven for the busy interior designer of today," because they offer one-stop shopping for the most discerning client. And best of all, there's no commission on any sales, so designers can receive the best possible price! Win, win, win!

RubyLux has everything from art, to jewelry, European antiques, and more! Here’s a few picks from their fabulous collection:


This fanciful featherhead piece was worn by model Deon for the Winter 1994 Givenchy Haute Couture runway show. Now it’s up for grabs -- complete with a comb to place atop of its chic wearer!


The shape of these Italian Murano glass vases, signed by Davide Dona', is unusual and could be a great way to add artistic presence in a space without going the traditional route of using a painting or other piece of art.


Silk rugs are a stylish way to accessorize a room and build from the ground up (so to speak). Silk rugs could be the focal point, as well as a conversation-stirrer for any room it graces. Refined, and colorful these silk rugs exude glamour!


A smart way to give your space a neoclassical boost, is with this beautiful pair of gilt wood library armchairs. Adorned with 23 carat gold finishes, these hand-carved modern reproductions of an 18th century chairs are just the right touch of chic.

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