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Through My Eyes: V is for Valentine

Fabulistas, It's that time of year again and everyone is scavenging for those last minute dinner reservations, presents, and finding a unique way to spend their Valentine's. Before getting into the gifting aspect of the holiday, it's important to learn about the true love story behind Valentine's Day. Dating back to the Roman era, St. Valentine, a highly regarded priest, went against Emperor Claudius II's wishes by continuing to marry young men with their suited lovers; Valentine felt that marriage was an integral part of society. Claudius, a militant leader, banned the marriage of young men because he believed 'men in love do not make great soldiers. Jailed for going against the law, St. Valentine grew close with his jailor, and healed his daughter while his stay at the prison. In his last letter to her, prior to his execution, he signed off the letter with, "Your Valentine." Since then, February 14th has been recognized in his honor as a day where people show their love and affection via flowers, confections, jewelry and more. In the design industry we know that the most delicate detail can really add that flare of personality and set your vision apart from the rest. Think outside-the-box this holiday with these gift suggestions I've put together....your loved one will be thrilled! Floral Earrings: Offer a new take on the traditional "flower" gift with these beautiful Swarovski crystal and resin carnation earrings:
thumbnail (3) Oscar de La Renta
Frame Your Love: Life is about creating memories with our loved ones. What better way to commemorate these special moments than with an offering of one of Frambridge's unique frames. See how this new framing company has created a fast and simple platform for your custom decor needs.
thumbnail (2) Framebridge
Simply Sterling: Capture your loved one's affection with this Victorian, sterling silver trinket box.
thumbnail 1st dibs
The Art of the Rose: Books are the gifts that keep on giving. "Old Roses and English Roses" by David Austin is a best-seller in the gardening world. Learn about the cultivation of these magnificent flowers, their origins, which work best for certain occasions, and more.
thumbnail (1) Amazon
A Heavenly Romance: Mythical and classic, these angelic figures evoke a calming, loving air to them and are sure to do the same wherever placed in your loved one's home!
thumbnail Bronze Co.

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