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Through My Eyes: My Favorite Creative Inspirations

Hello Fabulistas! I chat a lot about trends and how to do decorating tricks in your own home. Today, though, I want to talk about what inspires me as a creative. There is a business side to interior design, but creativity is a must! We all have our own sources of creativity and here are some of my favorites: New York City Living in this wonderful city gives me inspiration on a daily basis! It's so vibrant and exciting all the time! There's lots of fab inspiration right outside my door. Preserved architecture gives me lots of ideas for my own projects. Take this home for instance, which was used for exterior shots in the Breakfast at Tiffany's movie. There are so many other iconic buildings here!

from Pinterest

Art and Museums

There's never a shortage of amazing art exhibitions in New York! I love to take advantage of these when I can. Classic painting from centuries ago are always fabulous, but contemporary art, like the rain room in MOMA, also inspires me greatly!

from Vulture

Coffee Table Books

There's plenty of inspiration to be found in novels and non-fiction books. For quick inspiration, though, I rely on my collection of coffee table books. These are filled with amazing photography and design images, giving me some quick ideas. It's always nice to see the color combo used on the exterior of a historic building and think about how it will work in a current project of mine.

from Pinterest


I know it sounds a little silly if you've never been on Pinterest. However, this website is full of beautiful, inspiring images! Not only does it have portfolios and design projects, it also has lots of great shopping and fashion ideas. I'm constantly pulling inspiration images from it!

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Flowers in Nature

I love a gorgeous floral arrangement. There's a lot to be said about getting inspiration from flowers growing in nature too! I love a nice, fab garden. I don't get to keep one of this caliber because I live in the city. See how all those natural greens play off of each other? I'm getting inspired just looking at this image!

from Pinterest

Do you use any of these sources of inspiration for your own creative projects? I'd love to hear about your inspiration!

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