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Tuesday's Trends: Art Inspired Decor

Hello Fabulistas! Today I'm still thinking about all the creativity I discussed in yesterday's post. Sure, there are creative inspirations all around us. For some it takes expressing that creativity through art. Even if you aren't gifted with an artist's eye, you can still appreciate all the style and substance of art. Lots of home decor trends are embracing the artistic style and here are a few of my favorite looks: Serving Palette I'm always amazed by how some people can take the colors on the palette and transform them into something abstract completely from their imagination. Why not bring a little bit of that color into your home? You might confuse guests by serving food off of this platter, but what a fab piece of serveware!

Artist Palette Cheese Tray from Fishs Eddy

Antique Easel

When in Rome, right? I adore antiques of all varieties and simply can't take my eyes off this handsome, sturdy easel I found on Etsy. Wouldn't it be fab in a study by itself or to display a print?

from Etsy

Mobile Art

Who's to say you can't take a piece of art around with you everywhere? This iPhone case with a watercolor print is at the same time classic, vibrant and chic.

from Society6

Easy-to-Assemble Mural

Having an artist come into your home and paint a personalized mural is ideal. However, we don't all have the time or budget for that. There are so many fab possibilities when it comes to paneled murals and decals. I prefer ones like this one that are highly graphic and look like they could have actually been painted on the wall.

from Radical Possibility

Have you incorporated artistic elements like these into your home?

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