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Simplifying Delicious: Healthy Summer Popsicles

Hello Fabulistas and happy 4th of July! I've been looking for cooling summer recipes to get me and my guests get through this heat. I've turned to popsicles, but not just any popsicles. I found a few recipes that are healthy with complex, delicious flavors. I'm really going to enjoy this summer! Coconut milk and honey I LOVE coconuts! This popsicle has not only coconut milk but coconut shreds. The honey sweetens it just the right amount, and it's very refreshing. There are several frozen coconut recipes out there, but this is my fave because it's all-natural. Healthy summer popsicles

from Honest Cooking

Chocolate covered kiwi Chocolate AND kiwi? Yes, please! This is super easy to make, which you know I love. It's also my go-to dessert. When I'm craving chocolate but don't want tons of calories I turn to this recipe. It's also cold, which helps me beat the heat. Healthy summer popsicles

from Barefeet in the Kitchen

Watermelon & Parsley I love pairing fruit with savory herbs, it makes for a fantastic combination. Watermelon is my fruit of choice during the summer, it's low in calories and sugar and very hydrating. When mixed with parsley the flavor profile is to die for! Healthy summer popsicles

from Dash Recipes

Mango Lassi Pops Mango lassi is one of my fave Indian beverages! It's pretty addictive, actually. When I found out I could make it into popsicles I was thrilled! While mango lassi is typically made with whole milk and yogurt, these pops are made with greek yogurt, which makes them super healthy. Healthy summer popsicles

from Cooking Stoned

Mexican fudgesicles I haven't had fudgesicles since I was a child. They really bring back memories! These Mexican fudgesicles are unique because of its combination of spices. I like to make it with soy milk so it's just a little bit healthier. Healthy summer popsicles

from Dash Recipes

I can't wait to start making all of these popsicles! Which do you think I should start with? What's on your list for the summer?

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