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Simplifying Entertaining: How To Stock A Bar Cart

Hello Fabulistas! I adore my bar cart. It's so useful when entertaining. In the winter I can roll it into the living room where my guests typically gather. In the summer I like to bring it out to the balcony and make drinks for friends. They key to entertaining is a perfectly stocked bar cart. Here's what I have on mine.

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Serving tray While I'm typically handing out drinks right after they are made, there are times I need a tray to hold multiple drinks and sometimes, snacks. I'm a bit in love with trays, and have several looks to fit my party theme. A colorful tray can make your drinks look FAB!

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Fabulous drinkware Having a cocktail in a drab glass is boring! I LOVE cocktail glasses and wine glasses. A weighty glass helps me enjoy my drink a little more. Do you feel this way too? In the summer I like to use drinkware that's colored. It's a nice seasonal touch. How to stock a bar cart

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Chic cocktail napkins Cocktail napkins are another way to bring color and pattern into your parties. Like the tray, I have several go-to napkins that I can pair with my party theme. The tiny details make your guest feel like you care, and make your party very special. How to stock a bar cart

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Gorgeous straws Not every cocktail requires a straw. For those feisty cocktails (like mojitos) I like to use an exciting straw. If you're willing to splurge you can invest in metal straws. If you like to keep people guessing there are several colorful disposable options you can choose from. How to stock a bar cart

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Cocktail book While I have a few go-to cocktail recipes, I love to experiment. When I entertain I like to try one or two new recipes and see how my guests like them. A great cocktail book is key. Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide is on my cart because it has over 1,000 recipes! I haven't gotten through them all, but I'm looking forward to testing them! How to stock a bar cart

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Of course no bar cart is complete without an array of liquors and obviously a few limes! What's on your bar cart?

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