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Through My Eyes: Fabulous Safety

Fabulistas, home safety is important. The things that keep ourselves and our families safe like smoke detectors, security systems and fire extinguishers are necessary, but why so drab? I prefer to liven things up a bit with these anything-but-boring safety tools - utilitarian doesn't have to mean unsightly. Take a look at these creative fire extinguishers from London-based Tusch und Egon. I mean, really, way to make the mundane extraordinary! Tusch und Egon fire extinguishers Is it just me or why do security panels only come in 'putty'. Not this one from Texecom. The chrome-like panel highlights one of the best looking home security control panels I've ever seen. The Universe is in the details! Texecom security panel And, because long-lasting emergencies happen (though I'm no "doomsday prepper"!), I'm smitten with this 3-day survival bag, The Prepster, from Preppi. Not only does it have tech gear and first aid essentials, and BOXED water (those plastic bottles aren't good for the planet), but there's coffee, tea and chocolate in there, too (because that's what's really important)! The Prepster by Preppi

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