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How To: Clutter Cures

Clutter! What a dirty word! Not only does it make you feel overwhelmed, but it can actually prevent you from focusing on your goals and responsibilities. Whether in Feng Shui, or common sense, it diminishes good energy.

Clearing clutter in your living areas, closets, and work spaces will let energy flow more freely, allowing you to think clearly and operate at an optimum level. Here are a few simple routines to stay clutter-free:

  • Put things in the same place every time. That way, you always know where they are. This holds true for keys, clothes, or lipstick in your purse. Compartmentalizing these items will leave you worrying about one less thing at the end of the day. I always tell my family when they ask me where something is, “Whereever you left it, honey!”Organized drawer
  • Keep only in-season clothing in your closet. There is no reason to keep your ski jacket handy in July. Try storing seasonal clothes in an attic or basement to avoid a crammed closet. There is even the very cool Box Butler if you’re in NYC…they pick-up your boxes at your whim and bring to an off-site storage facility.In-season clothes in closet
  • Make a daily list of things-to-do. This will help your mind stay focused on your goals and tasks at hand. Even more importantly, crossing things off your list will empower you and help you stay positive!
  • Clean under your bed! I know it’s tempting, but never keep anything under your bed! It is where you sleep after all…and that clutter can interrupt good energies flowing in the room.Under bed storage

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