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Design Insider: Design on a Dime 2015

Hola Fabulistas! If you've been following me on social media and reading the blog, then you know I'm simply overjoyed (not to mention honored!) to be participating in Housing Works' Design on a Dime benefit event on April 23rd for the THIRD time! There's so much buzz happening about this event, I hope you're following the hashtag #DOAD2015 on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all that's going on. You know I always like to give you a first look at some of the items I'm planning to use in my space, so here's your official sneak peek. Take a look at this fabulous media buffet from my #DOAD2015 comrades at Cliff Young (what texture!):
Cliff Young - Media Buffet Media Buffet from Cliff Young
And, of course, I can't leave the top bare...and so, here, dear reader, are some ideas for accessories I have percolating:
Interior Crafts - Red Vessel Red Vessel from Interior Crafts
Made Good - Brigid Boxes Brigid Boxes by Made Goods
That's all I can show for now...but I'll be sharing more soon! P.S. I would LOVE to see you at Design on a Dime this year -- will you join me on April 23rd at The Metropolitan Pavilion?

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