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The Return of Tassels

If visions of floral-covered curtains, a la 1970s, tied back with trim flash before your eyes when the term “tassle” is mentioned, take note. Tassels are back and the sweetly swinging accents are dusting modern day décor with style. What began as a stylish flair to fashion accessories last fall is now moving into the home. Clearly a resurged trend from yesteryear, this time tassels are much more versatile than the European-inspired décor they once were so prominently associated with in the ‘70s. Thanks to their many colors and materials, they can be incorporated into any style – from a drawer pull on a vintage desk to a glam lamp switch, masculine ottoman to cozy throw. And though the string style is the same, designers are evolving the ornamental embellishments. Colors of the Rainbow Décor for the Future’s Swedish shop has an array of rainbow-hued tones, while Samuel & Sons’ Le Musee Silk Key Tassels collection combines multiple shades in each design, such as pretty pastels, fiery reds and delicious wine-colored dyes. Rough and Tough You can add some handsome allure to any furniture piece by clipping on luxe leather tassels, such as the ones created by Dsgns for Etsy, which are sure to stand the test of time. Along with their colorful options, Décor for the Future features designs on the other end of the décor spectrum, like these accented with rock star-quality rhinestones and skulls. Glitz and Glam The main attraction in Wendy Cushing’s unique Murano Collection is the hand-blown glass decorative beads, in rich colors such as smoke, olive Amethyst and chestnut, adding pure opulence to any contemporary room. Plush tassel tiebacks from Osborne & Little’s Pompadour Collection feature eight elegant colors adorned with a globe of cut Swarovski crystals, for a truly glamorous effect. Haute Couture If you’re vying for truly eccentric tassle tastes, look no further than Spina. The design house effortlessly blends art and fashion into the tiny accessories, giving the classic adornment an haute couture twist that would make your grandmother blush. Their tiebacks feature fringe with exotic feathers from goose and coque, topped with baubles covered in chenille, and edged with faceted crystal beadwork. And they go from the air to the sea, with carefully crafted tiebacks featuring genuine Sardinian coral. From simple and chic to truly vogue designs, we love that the tassel is back on top. Photo: Teri Lyn Fisher for Domicile Interior Design

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