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Fab Friday with Christian Turnier

This week we’re checking in with Christian Turnier, Founder and Creative Director of Vedere, a global online marketplace to buy and sell art and décor as well as list services such as interior design, fixture installation and remodeling. Robin Baron: Hi Christian, Tell us about what you do. Christian Turnier: I am the Founder and Creative Director of Vedere.com. We bring the world to your home. RB: What inspired you to create the website? CT: Vedere came to me while I was on a trip in Italy with my family. While touring the country I saw so much beauty and creativity it inspired me. One story is in San Gimignano, Italy. I saw a ceramic table maker who was working on a new piece and the passion that went into his work amazed me. I came back to New York and saw a culture of mass produced goods, which lacked the human touch I had witnessed and decided to do something about it. I wanted to find a way to give an opportunity to talented creative people globally so they could live off their skills, create and be connected. The home décor industry has so much to offer, with Vedere we want to give individuals a chance to discover a new side to the world. Discovery can start right from your neighborhood and grow from there. Vedere, see the world in your home. RB: What is your favorite part about the site? CT: My favorite part of the site is the passion from everyone that is involved ­- the Vedere team , our vendors, fans, and anyone else who joins our cause. Passion is the driver that will make us successful. RB: What do you love most about what you do? CT: I love seeing my dream grow. Also, the support we are getting from the industry. I love the fact that everyday is an adventure and a discovery is waiting for me. RB: How would you describe your own home décor? CT: My home décor style evolves as I find myself growing into who I want to become. I love earth tones. Organic contemporary would be how I would classify my taste. My home has to be comfortable and welcoming. RB: What do you love most about your home and why? CT: I love that it is roomy and I have a great couch to host movie nights with friends and family. RB: What is the one thing in your home that everyone comments on? CT: I have this amazing carnival mask from Haiti, my home, that my parents brought for me and it is a unique piece. It is a head of an animal that combines a wolf, eagle, lion, and dragon all in one majestic piece RB: What does fabulous mean to you? CT: Fabulous educates and reminds the world that there is beauty out there and not to be afraid to venture out and discover new opportunities and styles. Fabulous has a new resource to find products and talent in the Vedere community. RB: Anything else really that you’d want to include about the company would be wonderful! CT: My dream was able to come true because I have parents that believe in me and helped me make this happen. I also have an amazing team that inspires me everyday.

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