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Studs, Design and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

I’m all about confidence in your home, life and wardrobe. To me, nothing says confidence quite like studs. There’s just something about the little metal pieces that makes everything look and feel that much more fabulous! Studs aren’t the only style cues that I love to take from rock stars, though. Classic rock ‘n’ roller essentials like leather, statement jewelry and black are all elements that I also love to keep in my personal and professional arsenal. It’s all about the flash! Glam Skulls Glitzy and metallic versions of the anatomical feature are a rock staple. They appear on rings, screen-printed T-shirts, belt buckles and just about everything else found in any respectable rock wardrobe. I love to see them on accessories for an instant edge. The house of McQueen has always been a reliable resource for all things glam and rocker chic. The lace details and intricate skull brass knuckles handle is almost too punk rock it hurts! And that’s a great thing.

Atom Flower Skull Knucklebox Clutch from Alexander McQueen

This cover is a fantastic way to give a pillow some hard edge. I love the easy flexibility of pillow covers. If styled properly, it can add a little life to a plain couch.

Vintage Skull Pillow Cover from PopEyeCon

Accent-Only Hardware Spikes and studs galore make tough accents for a rockin’ lifestyle. They also serve as an instant dose of rock ‘n’ roll anytime, anywhere. Talk about something little that makes a huge impact! You know that I love a shortcut to fab! Channeling a tough vibe is easy with stacks of rings. This dozen-in-one ring takes the trouble out of mixing and matching a stack for one digit. The sword deatail also accents the stack’s tough vibe.

Sword Stack Ring from Rachel Roy

Fashion doesn’t get all the fun when it comes to these hard accents. Nailheads highlight corners and curves in all the right places. Plus, that drawer pull is to die for!

Nailhead End Table from Gail’s Accents

Leather This material is as tough as can be, and there are lots of convincing manmade versions available if that’s your inclination. No rocker is complete without a well-worn leather jacket. As far as I'm concerned, Rebecca Minkoff and I might as well be birds of a feather. It appears that she loves studs as much as I do! This silver-studded leather jacket is an obvious win in my opinion.

Theo Moto Jacket from Rebecca Minkoff

Heavy Metal Metal isn’t just a genre of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a huge trend in interior design, too! Metallic surfaces help improve lots of design woes, including reflecting light to give a small space an airy feel, grounding busy patterns and amping up a room’s style. A show-stopping metallic coffee table needs little to no dressings to make it look complete. However, a few tabletop accessories won’t hurt, either. The stainless steel will keep the surface pristine for years.

Stainless Steel Coffee Table from Shop Robin

There’s hardly a piece in the Target + Neiman Marcus collection that I don’t want to buy for a loved one or myself. This sleek letter opener—complete with a stud—is the perfect office accessory with more than one sharp edge!

Eddie Borgo Letter Opener from Target + Neiman Marcus

Can you see yourself rocking out with some of these studded finds? What are your favorite home and fashion accessories when you want to channel some rock ‘n’ roll flavor? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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