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Shades of Green: Traditional Hues Go Glam

UPDATE: Pantone announced that the new color of the year is Emerald Green! I couldn't be more thrilled to hear the news! In the spirit of all things green, please enjoy my ode to one of my favorite shades. Green is one of my favorite colors. You might notice I use it a lot in Simplifying Fabulous and designs for my clients! The holiday season is a great chance to experiment with a range of the hue beyond the standard hunter green that many, unfortunately, stand by. There’s a whole spectrum of the green worth exploring! The shade is having a moment right now. I’ve seen many other interior designers use it in creative ways that inspire me to reinterpret it for my clients. I encourage you to think outside of the eight-count crayon box. There’s no such thing as neutral! That goes for green, too!

source: Houzz

Layers of Patterns Playing with patterns is always fun! It’s not for the faint of heart, though. It requires a few rules and a little more trial and error. Simplify the process by sticking to one shade of green and pulling together patterned room accents that have it in common. Three completely different patterns grouped closely in a room would be nearly impossible to pull off without this green in common.

source: Houzz

Do Something Unexpected Think about how a bold green would traditionally be used and turn that concept upside down. Glam is never boring! Here, bright pink plays off the traditional, glossy green. Gold-painted trim frames it all like a gorgeous masterpiece!

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Green Rainbow Mixing in different shades of one color into one room can be intimidating. The key, however, is to get in a good range of that shade. Avoid trying to get a close match between two objects. That’s the quickest way to clash.

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On Walls, Floors, and More! So many people are afraid of anything besides beige and white walls. They’re missing out on a fabulous opportunity to really go for glam statements. A sparkling mosaic wall dials up this bathroom to the next level.

source: Houzz

Which look is your favorite glam take on traditional green? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below!

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