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Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts For Him

It's already December, so we need to get shopping for holiday gifts! As much as I love shopping for myself, I love shopping for others even more. There's something rewarding about finding gifts for people you love... and knowing they'll love what you're picking out for them! Men are the hardest to shop for. They say they don't care what you get them... but they do! So, what do you get the man you love? I pulled together a few of my favorite things. They are all in a masculine color tone and they're pretty "manly" too! Robin's gift guide: For Him! 1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman This classic piece was designed by Charles & Ray Eames, and introduced in 1956. The couple's gorgeous designs have stood the test of time, and this chair still looks fresh and current today! If you want to FAB up the chair a bit, you can upholster it in your own leather. Use your imagination, create your own fabulous! Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Eames lounge chair and ottoman from Design Within Reach

2. Orrefors "Street" Barware Everyman needs a FAB barware set, you know... to sip his whiskey. A man with his whiskey is SO sexy! This Jan Johansson designed set has a hand-cut grid pattern, resembling the Manhattan streets. The square black stopper is like the icing on the cake. Just gorgeous! Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Orrefors "Street" Barware from Bloomingdales

3. The Beatles

Oh I just adore the Beatles! And this is the cutest picture of the gang, having the time of their lives! Black and white photography works in every room, and EVERY man will want this print in their man-cave.

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

The Beatles at Art.com

4. Classic Globe

A globe is the perfect statement piece, and this updated version is tres chic. It's made of metal and fully functional. Maybe you and your beau will spin the globe and plan your next vaca?!

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Classic globe from Aha Life

5. Five Beacons Table Lamp

As I always say, well-lit rooms feel happier. I would light your man's man-cave with this table lamp, made of aged steel. The rough material is shaped in a soft, circular shape, creating the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Each of the 5 globe bulbs are at 5 different heights, creating so much interest!

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Five beacon table lamp from Anthropologie

6. Cashmere Tipped Cardigan

Cashmere is NOT just for the ladies anymore! This two-toned sweater is soft and very touchable, ladies! Made from an Italian mill, your man can dress up or dress down his outfit with this FAB cardigan. It's all about the options!

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Cashmere tipped cardigan from J. Crew

7. Archer Adams

Yes, an umbrella CAN be sexy! I died for this as soon as I saw it. This pin-striped umbrella has a silver plated bulldog handle! It's totally going to give your man that edge he's been looking for!

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Archer Adams umbrella from Mr. Porter

8. Nest Two O'Clock Italian Leather Candle

Italian AND leather? Obviously this is the perfect pick! Wait, it gets so much better. The cederwood candle is enhanced with spicy mélange of cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon bark. Very manly... and very spicy!

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Nest candle from Bergdorf Goodman

9. Kyoku Shaving Essentials

If you love your man's shave, you will love this. I'm a huge fan of Kyoku and a huge fan of this kit! It's sized for travel and comes in a handy zip bag, you know... for the vacation you planned with his new globe! (Wink!)

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

Kyoku shave essentials from Barneys

10. iPad Mini

Yes, I've saved the best for last! I know of NO man that will refuse the new iPad mini! It's just... PERFECT! I can't get enough of my Apple products, and this new mini comes at a fraction of the cost of the regular iPad. What a deal!

Robin's gift guide: For Him!

iPad mini from Apple

Did you find something perfect for your gent on this list? I hope so! So I'm dying to know, what are you getting for the man in your life? Is it something from this list or something completely different? Leave me a little note below and let me know!

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