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Holiday Special: Deck the Halls

Hello lovelies! It's time to start decorating for the holidays! Are you ready? Decorating your home is so important this time of year. We all get so busy shopping, wrapping, planning, and cooking! It's nice to come home to a festive environment. As I say, confidence starts at home...holiday spirit starts at home too! Robin Baron Decks the Halls

Stockings from Restoration Hardware

Traditional Christmas colors are red and green, but don't be afraid to mix it up and think outside of the box. It's your home, and your holiday, so if you want to add some purple, go for it! Do something unexpected! Pick any color you want as your base, and make it YOUR holiday color. You can decorate your table in purple, make an entirely purple wreath, and even decorate your tree purple. Add accents of white, gold and silver, and you are all set. Remember, go for color! Robin Baron Decks the Halls

Purple tablescape from Catch My Party

Create visual interest by hanging ornaments at different heights. Hang them over the table, on the bannister, at the mantle, anywhere. You can even hang ornaments from your light fixtures! Don't be afraid of trying this out in your own home, and then go with your gut. If you think it looks fab, stick with it! When you're deciding which ornaments to hang you can stay with one color...or add a splash of an accent color. You can also choose ornaments that are the same, or create a little more interest by adding different ornament shapes and sizes. Remember, it's your home, and your holiday! Robin Baron Decks the Halls

Hanging ornaments from Style Estate

Play with your walls! If you want to bling out your walls, but don't want to paint, just add decals! They are fairly inexpensive, and can be removed easily at the end of the season. After you get your decals, do something unexpected like decorate your decal! Why stick with the ordinary when you have a chance to add your own flavor? Have a wreath decal? Add some lights. Have a Christmas tree decal? Add some ornaments. Robin Baron Decks the Halls

Snowflake decals from WallTat

The tablescape is the easiest thing to mix up during the holidays. You can get some really affordable tabletop items, and rotate them during each dinner party! You can add tons of color this way, in the candles, linens and plates. Fresh flowers are always nice. Bringing natural elements to the table add more than color, they also add a gorgeous scent. Remember, design isn't just visual, it's about experience, which uses all of our senses. Robin Baron Decks the Halls

Tablescape from Bower Power

Remember: To find your fabulous, take a chance, and step outside the box. Don't be afraid, be confident. It's your home and it should represent you! How will you be decorating for the holidays this season? I'd love to hear from you! Will you be using traditional holiday colors, or something different this year. Is this year a DIY year, or are you buying most of decorations? Where are you shopping? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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