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Sponsored Post: How to Build a Fab Closet

Hello Fabulistas! There’s one room of your home that can make the difference between just getting ready in the morning and giving yourself a great start to your day…your closet! The reason that closets are one of my most favorite spaces to consider when designing a home is because it helps with our quality of life. Having a place for everything, as well as full access to all of your belongings, changes how we feel about our day. I consider closets an extension of your bedroom and design them to look like they are. I continue the paint color from the bedroom into the closet and detail them with the same style as the bedroom itself. Every inch counts, as they say, and it’s never more important than in a closet. I love to use closet organizers to get the best use of a space. Here are some things I always include an a fabulous closet:

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Built-in dresser I like to have only the furniture that looks best in a bedroom in the room itself, so I try to build everything possible into a closet. This keeps you organized and keeps the clutter out of your living space. Building a bank of drawers in your closet instead of putting a dresser in your room frees up your bedroom space and allows for customizing the drawers to fit your needs.

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Shallow drawers I’m a big believer in using drawers only for undergarments like underwear, bras, socks and pantyhose. Shallow drawers allow for only one layer of your items. Much better to see what you have at a glance! No digging through layers to find the one thing you need. Customized drawers are also a great place for jewelry and watches. Open the drawer and make your days selection fast and easy. Invest in some clear plastic drawer dividers to keep your accessories organized.

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Open Shelves Some items that a lot of people shove into drawers—like T-shirts, pajamas and camisoles—are better stored on open shelves. They’re much easier to see on shelves and it’s easier to find your favorite perfectly worn-in T-shirts! I also love to store shoes on slanted shelves. That way you can get a better view of the whole shoe when you’re choosing an ensemble.

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Hanging storage It wouldn’t be a closet without rods to hang your clothes. Check your wardrobe. If you have lots of short hanging…for things like shirts, jackets and folded pants…you can create double hanging and get twice as much storage space, which we can all use (left)! It’s always smart to create some single hanging room, too, for items like dresses and skirts (right).

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Closet accessories Taking advantage of closet accessories can make the difference in making your closet work for you. My favorite…and I can’t live without it…is a valet rod. I install as many of them as possible in every closet I do! It’s simply a retractable rod that pulls out from a shelf when you need it. Whether it’s pulling together tomorrow’s outfit or editing what to pack for a trip, you will find it invaluable. Here, you can see both a coat and robe that are handy on valet rods. Sliding belt and scarf racks keep these accessories within easy access where you can see them. Scarves are more fragile, so look for racks designed specifically to hold them instead of belt racks that can snag them!


Full-length mirrors Last, but definitely not least, your closet needs at least one full-length mirror. What’s the use in putting together a fab outfit if you can’t admire it for a confidence boost to your morning? Hang a mirror on the inside of both doors so you can check out the front and back of your ensemble at the same time. (It’s also one less piece of furniture for your bedroom!)

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Does your closet make you feel good about getting dressed in the morning? Which of these ideas could you use to make your life easier? Remember, it’s the details that make the difference! This post is sponsored by California Closets.

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