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Simplifying Travel: How To Give Your Vacation Rental Personality

Hello Fabulistas! Have you sorted out your summer vacation plans yet? I love renting a place a few hours from New York City. Sometimes I go to the Hamptons, sometimes I find a place a little farther away. I love to have a place to get away during these hot summer months. Of course, it needs to look FAB! Rentals usually come furnished, but there are a few quick things you can do to jazz up your new place. Invest in slipcovers Many rentals have upholstered furniture in unfortunate prints and colors. That's super easy to fix. I love white slipcovers because the bright whites give my new home a beachy feel. You can pick any color you want, of course. You'd be amazed at what a difference slipcovering makes. It's like reupholstering, but at a fraction of the cost! How to decorate a vacation rental

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Rearrange the furniture You're going to be living in this space for a few months, so it should be functional. The space should represent YOU and your personality. If the layout feels awkward, change it up! Rearrange the furniture and make the space feel like home. After all, you don't want to be walking into tables all summer, do you? How to decorate a vacation rental

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Throw down some rugs! Rugs are an easy fix for floors or carpeting you dislike. You can find cheap and stylish rugs at Rugs USA, or invest in something a little more high end. Whatever you decide to pick up, it will be totally worth it. Remember, rugs make the room! You can find something that covers a lot and makes a big statement. How to decorate a vacation rental

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Personal touches Typically, vacation rentals are homes that someone lives in most of the year. That means the owner's photographs and artwork are spread throughout the space. I take down what I don't love and carefully put them away. I like to add my own personal touches to a space, with my own artwork and photographs. You can put the owner's things back at the end of the summer, and for a little while, your space will feel like home! How to decorate a vacation rental

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Use flowers Of course you need flowers! Flowers are a fab way to bring the outside in, and add color to your space. If you decorated with white slipcovers, flowers and plans are the perfect way to add a nice pop!

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With these small steps you'll be able to transform your rental in minutes. It's so important to be in a space you adore. When you feel great in your home, you feel better in your own skin! Which tips will you try in your own vacation space?

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