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Top Picks: Flea Market Finds Worth Reupholstering

Hello Fabulistas! Many of you have asked me for tips and tricks I use when visiting flea markets. (In January I shared of few of my flea market faves with you.) I often see furniture at flea markets and think of ways to reupholster it to make it look luxe and fab. Aren't sure which to buy and which to ditch? Here's how I select my flea market finds: Make sure it's sturdy If the frame of a sofa or chair needs to be repaired, it may be more trouble than it's worth. Unless you're a master woodworker, I suggest that you stay away from those pieces. It's difficult to repair frames, but it's super easy to paint sturdy ones and make them look fab! Flea Market Finds Worth Reupholstering

from ModFrugal

Search for style Don't be alarmed by the furniture's...interesting upholstery. I know, it's difficult, but try to look past what's on the piece now. The fabric can always be reupholstered. Style is what's important on your flea market hunt. Make sure the style of the piece fits with your home. If you find something that will look gorgeous next to your existing furniture, get it! Flea Market Finds Worth Reupholstering

from ModFrugal

Look at the finishing When looking for pieces, take a look at how it's already upholstered. Is it stapled? Is it finished with nailheads? Or something else? This will give you a clue about how to finish your piece. If you're ready to move up to upholstering with nailheads, pick up the piece! It's all about what you feel comfortable with. Flea Market Finds Worth Reupholstering

from Pinterest

Think outside the box Who says you have to reupholster everything? What about painting your fabric? When you're flea market shopping, it's so important to think beyond the norm. You're searching through hundreds of treasures! You just how to figure out which one is YOURS. Flea Market Finds Worth Reupholstering

from Me and Jilly

It's not all junk If you're feeling adventurous, you may want to pick up that chair that has no upholstery at all! You can easily create your own seat by webbing some nylon together. It may sound strange but try to look at each piece from all angles. You'll definitely find something for you. Flea Market Finds Worth Reupholstering

from Martha Stewart

Flea markets are always a hunt but with these tips I'm sure you'll find the perfect piece for your home. It's easy to be intimidated, but there's so much out there you can work with! What's your favorite flea market piece?

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