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Top Picks: Plants for Late Summer Color

Hello Fabulistas! I love to get my color in before fall arrives. Late summer plants are vibrant and so colorful! I love to plant colorful plants in my garden and bring them into the house whenever I can. I have a few faves, of course. These are my go-to late summer plants that are brightly colored: Celosia Celosia comes in several varieties of pinks and purples. There's a short variety and a longer variety, which can grow up to 18". I love it because you can pick the type that fits your home. They bloom in late summer, so you really have to plan for it. Plants for late summer color

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I adore the Hydrangea. Here in New York you can find some variety all year round, but they look best in the summer. The deep violet is a treat for the eyes! These are my go-to dinner party flowers. In a short vase they have a casual vibe but bunched together in an ornate vase, they read simply luxe. They're great for any type of party!

Plants for late summer color

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Rose Mallow

The Rose Mallow is just gorgeous! It's typically pink with hints of white, allowing you to appreciate the rich pink color. They bloom in the late spring and last until the first frost, so you have plenty of time to enjoy these.

Plants for late summer color

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Zinnias are the summer flower! They are big, round and BRIGHT! They come in a variety of colors, allowing for the perfect tablescape. They thrive in hot weather, but if Itake care of them, they can last well into fall.

Plants for late summer color

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While Candytufts are evergreen, the white flowers bloom only in the summer. The white color is soft on the eyes compared to all the bright flowers we've just seen! I pick these up for clients that have bright, vibrant rooms. They're a nice accent and look great in any vase! Plants for late summer color

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I love the colorful variety these blooms would give a garden. Which one you would like to plant in yours?

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