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Simplifying Life: How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions...did you make any this year? The new year is a great time to make promises and get a fresh start, but the problem is keeping those promises! We all have good intentions at the beginning of the new year and we have a lot of momentum, too. I think I've found a way to keep the momentum up, and keep the resolutions!

New Year's Resolution from Itsy Factor

Be realistic when you make your resolutions. Don't say "I'm not eating any cake this year" because NO ONE can stick to that! Say "I won't eat cake 6 days out of the week" and you will follow through. The same goes with decorating your home. If you want to redesign the entire home but you don't think you can finish it, pick two are three rooms and really focus on them. Don't spread yourself too thin! Write out your goals, and make a list. I make lists for every project I have. Why should a resolution be different? If you write your goals down, you can look at them every week, or every month to be sure you're still on track. Neat trick, right?! Start a group! It's easy to forget your goals or not follow through with them if you're the only one involved. If you get a group together you have moral support to keep you going. Even if you have just one other person, you'll be accountable for your actions. It will help you be the BEST you! Add reminders. I schedule my day with a calendar that syncs to my phone and computer, so I get pop up reminders that get me from one thing to the next. You can do the same with your New Year's goals! Set up reminders to pop up every few weeks, or every month, to keep yourself on track. Reward yourself! I love rewarding myself! It helps me get through things I don't really want to do. Set up mini goals in addition to your larger goal, and reward yourself when you reach those goals. If your goal is to redesign your home, or several rooms in your home, reward yourself after you get through each room. It makes the process MUCH more exciting! Don't give up! Life WILL get in the way. If you cheat on your diet, or are lagging a little behind one month, don't give up! You made these goals because you really want to achieve them, right? It's YOUR New Year, be confident and claim it! So, what are your resolutions this year? What are you doing to keep them? Leave me some comment love and let me know!

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