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Office Chic: Top 10 Fab Office Spaces

It's the beginning of a New Year and you know what that means...time to freshen up our spaces! I adore my home office but I think it's time for a new look. Whenever I start to design a new space, I look for inspiration. I try to pinpoint what I love, and what I don't! Great design isn't always about symmetry. It's all about balance. Here are 10 FAB office spaces that I can't get enough of. Each of these spaces is balanced and well designed. Amanda Nisbet is a great designer here in New York City. This city apartment she designed is a perfect example of her work. The dark colors anchor the space, and the pops of yellow brighten the room. Many wouldn't notice the green border on the rug that matches the wallpaper. So clever! This is a no-nonsense working environment!

City home office by Amanda Nisbet Designs

The I Love Dust office in London was designed by 44th Hill. The firm designs chic, trendy spaces and the I Love Dust office is no exception. Although I don't want a very corporate look in my home, there are tons of tips I can take away from this space. The wood walls and floor add warmth to the space, and the lighting makes the space feel very happy.

I Love Dust office by 44th Hill

William-Christopher Design is a Dallas-based firm whose work is very colorful! I adore color! Don't underestimate the power of color, and the effect it has on our everyday lives. This home office is the perfect "happy" shade of turquoise. The rich color is offset by the white patterned shades and the neutral furniture. So you're not overwhelmed...and you get just the right amount of "happy" color.

Turquoise office space by William-Christopher Design

If you're scared of too much color I have the perfect solution for you. Black and white! The combo is classic and everlasting. A clean white look is refreshing and helps keep you focused. Black is key in an all white room...it gives your eye a place to rest! Another plus? You can accessorize with any color you want! I like to add a new color of fresh flowers every week. The black and white office space is perfect for this.

Black and white office by Stylizimo

Yes we all LOVE Nate Berkus. He's so fab and his designs are so chic! The reason this office is so eye-catching is, well, all the metallics! So many people forget about adding mixed metals in their spaces. You can mix chrome, gold, bronze...whatever you want! The reflection adds a little sparkle, too!

Metallic office by Nate Berkus

OK, you know I LOVE color. If you're scared of color on the walls, and you don't want to go all white, why not add color to the floors? This office pops because of the bright pink paired against the black. Bringing pink into the guest chairs completes the look and brings the rooms together. Notice the pattern on the pink carpet, it's pink, but not too pink! You can do this in any color you want. It's your home office. Claim your style!

Splash of pink from Lonny

I was in awe when I saw the Kardashian Jenner Communications office. At first it may seem very dark, but if you look closer you'll notice the reflective sheen on almost everything that adds a lot of light to the space! The wallpaper, lamp shades, desk and chair all have a shiny quality. Very Kardashian and very sexy! This is a FAB example of lightening up a dark space.

Kardashian Jenner Communication office via The Decorista

Do you love Kelly Wearstler as much as I do? She has a great sense of style, both fashion AND design style! Her LA office is a perfect office example. It's filled with color, yet neutral at the same time. It's well-lit, has a big-scale reflective mirror to make the space feel larger, and has a mix of materials.

Kelly Wearstler's office on One Kings Lane

This hidden office space is very Mad Men! Cow hide rugs are typical, but I don't usually see cow hide floor tiles! The entire space is comprised of shades of the same color, but each shade is distinct. I just love this space!

Hidden office space from Charleston Magazine

Gunmetal grey is a great color choice for an office area, and it's not typically used. It's masculine and modern. What completes this look is the large light fixture you see when you walk into the room. The artwork on the wall adds a nice pop of color, too!

Office space from The Designer Pad

Which of these is your favorite home office look? Are you doing a little redesigning this new year?

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