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Fab Friday: Mackenzie of Design Darling

It's the first Friday of 2013 and I'm chatting with the creative force behind the fabulous blog Design Darling. Wether it's interior design or fashion, Design Darling is one of my go-to sources for all things inspiring. Read on to keep up with this redheaded blogger who is making big moves this year (like moving to NYC - how exciting!) all while crossing off her 101 in 1001 like a superstar!

Robin Baron: Welcome, Mackenzie! Tell me about your blog Design Darling. Mackenzie Horan: I started Design Darling in 2009 as a junior in college. I was studying eighteenth century French literature at the time and needed something a little happier and more creative in my spare time! In the few years since then, it's evolved into a place where I share design ideas, outfit inspiration, and snippets of my daily life.

RB: How did you come up with your 101 in 1001? MH: I'm a compulsive list-maker, everything from daily to do lists to a bucket list I made a few years ago. A friend told me about her 101 in 1001 list and I loved the idea of setting goals that bridged the short term with the long term. It's pretty cool to see how much I've done in the past couple years! I'm already looking forward to writing a new list once I hit the 1001 day mark this September. RB: When writing your posts, do you have a creative process? MH: I keep lists of post ideas in various notebooks — one next to my laptop while I work, another on my bedside table, one in my handbag, etc. Inspiration is everywhere! RB: What’s your ultimate source of inspiration? MH: I think it's easy to get tunnel vision when you're reading lots of blogs and spending time on Pinterest. Real inspiration comes from family, friends, travel — getting out there and living! I love browsing in local boutiques and getting lost in a bookstore. RB: What’s your greatest professional accomplishment? MH: Launching my online boutique! I've never done anything so consistently challenging or rewarding. RB: What’s the one thing you can’t live without? MH: My puppy, Rory. He's exceptionally naughty but I never stay mad at him for long!

RB: Who are your Top 3 favorite designers? MH: Amanda Nisbet, Anna Spiro, Suzanne and Lauren McGrath. RB: What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to? MH: I've been going to Nantucket since the summer I was born and it never fails to leave me feeling rested and recharged. Hydrangeas everywhere, ice cream cones every night, a salty sea breeze... It's my idea of heaven on earth! RB: What are your wardrobe staples? MH: Lately a quilted vest and riding boots. In the summer I love oxford shirts and white denim. RB: What’s your favorite place in your home? MH: I'm actually in the midst of moving to a teeny tiny New York studio! But I have a feeling the answer will be the same: my bed. Having a comfortable cozy place to sleep is paramount!

RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? MH: Getting to wake up every day, work at something I love, and meet some pretty remarkable people along the way.

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