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Selective Reveals: Top Picks for Sliding Barn Doors

Hello Fabulistas! Creating a home full of unique, cozy spaces means placing doors where they normally don't belong. That's why I adore sliding barn doors. They help section off — and hide — what you want, when you want it! There are numerous ways to make them work in your home but here are some of my favorite ways.

Hidden Reading Nook/Mudroom

The option for hidden storage is always a good thing. Here, sliding barn doors with horseshoe-style hardware give the option to obscure a combo reading nook and mudroom from view. Plus, those sconces make for some chic reading lights!


from My Design Chic

Open Plan Dividers

Open spaces can be fabulous, but not everyone prefers them! Installing sliding barn doors is a nice way to section off a room when you want. Cluttered kitchen? Slide the doors and hide it from company!


from Better Homes and Gardens

Hidden Pantry

Kitchens are entertaining hubs... Guests just gravitate toward them! So it's essential to cover up the utilitarian parts of the kitchen in a hurry! These sliding barn doors leave ample room for storing dry goods, and make it easy to cover up your storage before dinner parties.


from Brian Vanden Brink

Covert Breakfast Area

Sometimes you want to save parts for your personal enjoyment and keep guests from seeing it all. Here, a pair of intricate vintage doors get the sliding barn doors treatment to cover up a chic little eating area.


from New York Social Diary

Sliding Closet Door

Not every closet is a fabulous shoe closet, but even the smallest closets deserve that organizational treatment! Sometimes that means hiding its contents from sight. I love that sliding barn doors can attractively hide a closet while giving you easy access.


from Vintage Revivals

Sliding barn doors are a chic, convenient option for dividing and hiding spaces. Which is your favorite way to use them? Let's chat in the comments!

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