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Stationary Style: Top Picks for Indoor Bike Storage

Hello Fabulistas! One of many interior issues in New York City — or any large city — is finding an indoor bike storage solution. Lots of people bike around the city but it's important to bring your covetable ride indoors. It's not safe chained to a street sign! So once you're equipped with glam bike accessories, you can take a hint from one of these safekeeping indoor bike storage ideas that put your favorite ride out in the open! Wall Art Bike Installation Some of the best indoor bike storage ideas entail getting your bike up and off the floor. Here, a wall storage system — and color schemes that coordinate with the decor — make the bikes feel like an art installation. They're out of the way, but ready for admiration!


from Apartment Therapy

Bike Stair Space

Space under the stairs is often a go-to storage solution. However, you rarely see it when the stairs are open. This indoor bike storage idea incorporates your ride in a way that adds to the architecture. That's the ultimate storage goal!


from Desire to Inspire

Minimalist Hallway Bike Storage

If minimalism is your style, you can decorate a transitional space like a hallway with only the essentials, like your bike! This handy indoor bike storage rack means that you can pick up your bike and be out the door in a hurry. Perfect for any New Yorker or busy person!


from House to Home UK

Sky-High Bike Rack

Get creative with decorating the space above the sofa and invest in a sleek bike shelf, like this CB2 one. Some of the best storage ideas add to your space's overall design and this is a fabulous example!


from CB2

Vertical Bike Storage

This Minguell-McQuary vertical rack turns a blank bedroom wall into an indoor bike storage accent wall! These two bikes catch your eye in an all-white room and highlight the home's soaring ceilings.


from Decoist

Do you have any other great ideas for indoor bike storage? I'd love to see them in the comments!

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