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Shine Bright: Top Picks for Outdoor Lanterns

Hello Fabulistas! The time has come for enjoying brisk evenings, or at least it's almost here! There are many ways to light up outdoor rooms, but my favorite and most convenient is outdoor lanterns. These little lighting fixtures are mobile, stylish, and glam—three of my favorite things. Here are my favorites to use in your outdoor rooms right now and through fall.


from Terrain

Copper Filigree Teardrop Pendant This glam outdoor lantern can be hung from a pergola, or rest on a tabletop for a fab glow. For an extra glow, arrange it in a tablescape with these Terrain Stargazer Lights. The copper coloring means that it will look spectacular, even in broad daylight!


from Terrain

Avignon Square Lanterns

I love a lived-in outdoor room or veranda! But you want guests to appreciate every well-planned corner. Outdoor lanterns make it easy to highlight the parts that you want and create a warm, inviting area.


from Restoration Hardware

Spectral Filigree Lantern

Decorating is in the details! This little outdoor lantern will play up any space with its colorful candle flickers. Plus, it will be at home indoors during the winter.


from Zingz & Thingz

Moorish Iron Windlight

I love Moroccan-influenced style and this outdoor lantern is an exquisite example. It would make a beautiful container for a flameless candle outdoors, or flowers indoors. The fab possibilities are endless!


from Lombok

Did I miss any of your favorite ornate outdoor lantern picks? Please link them in the comments. I'd love to see them!

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