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Off The Rack: Top Picks for Magazine Storage

Hello Fabulistas! I don't know about you, but I'm a voracious magazine reader. Fashion, pop culture--and of course--design mags all fill my mail every month. I find entertainment and lots of inspiration from the glossy pages. I keep lots of file folders full of tear sheets to use as references while I'm designing for clients. I can remember an image from years ago and track it down just when I need it! Holding on to so many magazines can get a little cumbersome, though. So I like to look for creative storage solutions. Here are some of my favorite magazine storage ideas. Wall of glossies This wall unit for magazine storage may seem a little extreme, but I think that I could fill it up easily with my collection! I adore how the curves of this unit make the storage seem like an art installation.

from HighTower

Masculine minimalist

This is a fab option if you have a few favorite issues that you really want to highlight. The structure of this reminds me of the way libraries store newspapers. Plus, the rack seems like its own piece of furniture with function and style!

from Pinterest

Magazine side table

This fab 2-in-1 piece of furniture is a worthy investment piece for a living area. It provides surface area and storage in a stylish way that can convince even those dedicated to hidden storage.

from Joshua Howe Design

Place-holding pins

This is even better than your average magazine rack because it can hold your place AND double as a book rack! The movable pins on this custom beech rack won't harm your pages, though. Besides, what would be the use in holding onto magazines if they're going to be damaged goods anyway?!

from Shoply

Built-in magazine rack

This might be my favorite out of all these magazine storage options. If you're truly a magazine lover, you might want to consider creating some built-in storage for your favorite zines. Who needs wall art with all of these colorful covers adorning the wall?

from Lonny

Do you hold on to lots of magazines like I do? If so, how do you store and display them? Let's chat about it in the comments below!

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