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Product of The Week: Radiate Small Globe Pendant

Hello Fabulistas! You may think that I talk about lighting a lot. I can't help it, it's just an essential that transforms a home! No one--including yourself--is going to admire well-planned home decor if it isn't well-lit. However, lighting shouldn't be solely for function. It should also add to and improve a space's atmosphere. I tend to go for lighting that has well-defined design that transitions to several different styles. Often, a stylish lighting fixture can make a room but break a budget, so finding one that you can live with is a must. Talk about an investment piece! This Radiate Small Globe Pendant can transition with its surroundings as you repaint, switch out textiles and even change the function of a room. Plus, it looks like a pricey heirloom that was the epitome of style several decades ago, and still is! I adore the thought of this pendant lighting a cozy arm chair in an out-of-the-way reading nook, or lined up with its siblings above a generously sized black kitchen island.

Where can you see this dazzling pendant lighting up your home? Let's chat about this lighting design in the comment section!

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