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Tuesday's Trends: Colorful Office Supplies

Hello Fabulistas! I've covered some of my top picks for lunchboxes. But we can't let the kiddies have all the fun! Back-to-school time always leaves me wanting to restock all my office supplies with fab and colorful pieces. Here are my favorite pieces of the moment. Recycled rainbow pencils I try to buy and use green whenever I can. How wonderful are these pencils made with recycled paper? Even better, the shavings make rainbows! If this is an idea you can get behind too, you can donate to its Kickstarter.

from Duncan Shotton

Glitter thumb tacks

It seems like no matter what I do, I'm constantly losing tumb tacks. It's pretty dangerous, so I've been searching for some thumb tacks that are more noticeable when they fall on my floor. My search is over! These sparkly tacks will be easy to spot on the floor.

from Etsy

Colorblock notebook

I adore this office supplies brand. The website even lets you shop by color! Maybe I'll work my way up to a rainbow shelf full of their neon notebooks!

from Poppin

Vibrant numberclips

Paperclips are another office item that I'm constantly misplacing. These bright clips will be easy to find, plus they can help with prioritizing tasks!

from MoMA

Funky headphones

I adore the Jonathan Adler for Barnes and Noble collection. It still has all of his bright and whimsical personality at a cheaper price point! I love to work to music at my desk and headphones let me concentrate better.

from Jonathan Adler for Barnes & Noble

What are your favorite colorful office supplies and brands? I'm always looking to update my collection!

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