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Jewelry for the Home: Top 10 Chandeliers You Can Afford

Chandeliers are jewelry for the home. They add a nice little bling to your space, similar to how earrings add a little sparkle to your outfit! Lighting is very important. I always like to light all four corners of every room. Well-lit rooms feel happier. And chandeliers add more than just sparkle, they add a nice light to the center of your room as well! Of course, they can be expensive, so I've picked 10 chandeliers that are affordable, so everyone can have a little bling! 1. Regina Andrew's "Pattern Makers" Chandelier This chandelier is period-inspired but has a modern twist. It has four quadrants and the light can be seen from every angle. The antique gold finish adds a little sparkle, but it's not overwhelming. This chandelier adds a a lot of character and can be paired with modern rooms and more traditional looks as well. $385

Pattern Makers chandelier from Horchow

2. Exeter 16-Jar Pendant Lighting made of found objects is on trend right now. If you decide to go with this look, your space will be very hip. This light fixture is made of 16 canning jars, which are suspended at different lights to create visual interest. $399

Exeter 16-jar pendant from Pottery Barn

3. Eclipse Chandelier The Eclipse has a similar look to the Exeter because of the glass bubbles, but it's so very different! The hand blown glass paired with antique bronze creates an industrial look. It has a soft feel, though, because of the sweeping curves. Very unique! $249

Eclipse Chandelier from West Elm

4. Crystal Teardrop Chandelier This is what comes to most people's minds when they think of chandeliers. It has a classic, romantic look. The teardrop shape is made with two levels of crystals, and the metal has a vintage-silver finish. $395

Crystal teardrop chandelier from Horchow

5. Sputnik Filament Chandelier Sputnik lamps AND filament bulbs are totally trending right now. If you get this lamp, you'll have the hottest room around! This lamp has a mid-century look that will work with almost any space. Sputniks are usually very expensive, so you're getting a FAB deal on this one. $595

Sputnik filament chandelier from Restoration Hardware

6. Possini Design Chandelier The Possini white flower pendant is a contemporary chandelier with a look that many are knocking off right now. I LOVE the organic curves in this lamp...and of course the white makes it very seductive. $249.99

Possini design chandelier from Lamps Plus

7. Halo Chandelier Can you believe this light fixture is from Anthropologie? That store always amazes me. This chandelier has a modern, industrial look that will brighten up every room. The globe bulbs complete the look perfectly. $298

Halo chandelier from Anthropologie

8. Cluster Glass Pendant This modern light fixture is stunning! The glass globes are hung at different heights, drawing your eye. It has a balanced look with four spheres. Gorgeous! $199

Cluster glass pendant from West Elm

9. Orb Chandelier This open wrought iron lamp is made with 6 light fixtures. The circular orb shape is pleasing to the eye and will work in every room. $299

Orb chandelier from Ballard Design

10. Calais Chandelier I can't get enough of this lamp! It comes in black, white and turquoise, for those of you looking to add a pop of color to your room. It has a traditional shape but has been cleaned up and modernized. Just gorgeous! $399

Calais chandelier from Z. Gallerie

If you want something, there's always a way to get it. I love using chandeliers in my clients' spaces, and not everyone can afford those pieces. But there's always a way to get the look. We all deserve to have a home and a life we love! These chandeliers are affordable, and FABULOUS! Are there any affordable chandeliers you love, that were left off the list? Which of these is your favorite?

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Light all four corners of a room. A well-lit room feels happier!

Evenly distributed light means fewer dark corners and shadows in the room.