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Tuesday’s Trends: Flea Market Finds

If there’s ever a time to freshen up your décor, it’s now! I’m always doing little adjustments to my home and thinking of new things I can do for my clients. Adding pieces here and there doesn’t HAVE to do major damage to your wallet! I love scouring flea markets for all kinds of little treasures. Antiques are my specialty, but I can also see the potential in non-antiques! If you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, (or pay someone to put in the elbow grease!), you can end up with a fabulous, unique piece! I’m always amazed at what people can do with what they find at flea markets. Here are a few of my favorite projects and finds to look for on trips to the flea market. Postcards This really goes for greeting cards, trading cards, and almost anything printed on paper! People tend to hold onto these things and they end up en masse at flea markets. They’re ours for the taking, Lovelies! Picking up vintage post cards from destinations you’d like to visit one day is always fun. It’s also very affordable in comparison to hardware and large-scale items. I can always find the excuse to pick up an extra postcard or two, especially when the theme is Paris!

via Pinterest

Vintage photos are always a great find, too. I love buying these in bulk at estate sales because they’re great for accents and just so interesting! Frame a few and add them to empty spots in a gallery wall for a little something extra.

via Pinterest

Dress Forms My background in fashion draws me to antique dress forms. Aren’t they gorgeous? If you have a little extra space in your dressing area, they make a great necklace display for costume jewelry that’s a little less precious but well worth showing off! Some people love to leave antique and vintage object as they find them. It’s definitely easier to let them tell their stories that way. This group of Parisian dress forms could probably tell all sorts of tales! You know I love anything French!

via Pinterest

I love this refurbished dress form! I think this is the way to go if you want to display your jewelry on it. It’s just a lovely pattern, too.

via Tumblr

Card Catalogs No fear! Non-book worms can find a need for these storage devices of yonder! The move to digital record keeping has forced a lot of these beauties into flea markets. In other words, your interior style will benefit! I’ve seen these on both small and large scales. This small-scale one that Emily Henderson from Secrets of a Stylist used is simply divine! It brings even more interest than a regular old end table. Plus, those hairpin legs are retro without being stuffy!

via Style by Emily Henderson

Looking for more tiny storage drawers in your life? This DIY library cabinet from DIY on the Cheap might be your style! Just think of all the rings and baubles those drawer could hold! (Did I mention that I love jewelry?!)

via DIY on the Cheap

Drawer Pulls and Knobs Adding an interesting accent knob to a piece of regular old furniture can really take it to the next level! There’s just something so FAB about detail on such a small scale. They’re like jewelry for cabinets and drawers! Full door knobs are a rare find, but oh, are they worth it! This fab Victorian one is on Etsy, but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been able to track down one at a flea market! I’ve been on the look out for one like this for years.

via Etsy

Do you love making the rounds at flea markets? Share some of your fabulous flea market finds with me in the comment section!

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