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Simplifying Delicious: Three Ingredient Party Appetizers

I love hosting parties and having my friends over...but I never have the time to prep! I'm always running around and it's hard to make the things I want to for my events. So I made my own solution. I'm going to keep it simple! Champagne, wine, and easy appetizers! Clever, right? I found a few three ingredient party appetizers that are quick to make and that my friends will love. I hope you love them too! Guacamole Guacamole is a crowd favorite. Who doesn't love some good avocado?! It's so delicious and if you have the time, you can add a few more ingredients (like jalapeno!) and make it your own. But if you're short on time, this is easy and very tasty!

Three ingredient guacamole from The Black Peppercorn

Mini Brie Bites Oh I LOVE cheese! I'm sure you do too! Of course I always have a cheese plate, but when I'm trying to impress my friends I make these mini brie bites. They are delicious and look spectacular! It's almost too easy.

Mini brie bites from She Wears Many Hats

Barbecue Zucchini Fries I like to have something semi-healthy out, as we ladies are always on a diet. Yes, we're always cheating too, but this makes us feel better! These zucchini fries are very healthy and super tasty. They only take minutes to make.

Barbecue zucchini fries from Oh My Veggies

Muffin Pan Potato Gratins These mini potato gratins are another appetizer that look very chic. No one will know that it was so easy for you to make! With just a few ingredients you'll be a hostess extraodinaire!

Muffin pan potato gratins from Martha Stewart

Goat Cheese and Onion Tarts I LOVE goat cheese. It's one of my favorite things! I would love to WOW my friends with these fabulous and delicious treats. It takes just minutes to make...and it's more than just an appetizer, it can turn into a mini-meal. That's perfect for those nights that we end up eating ONLY appetizers!

Goat cheese and onion tarts from iVillage

Now you're all set to host your cocktail party. All you need is champagne! What are your favorite three ingredient party appetizers?

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