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Inner Strength: Recharge within Your Own Four Walls with a No-Stress Room

Hello lovelies! January can be so stressful! By this time many people are already punishing themselves for giving up on their resolutions. And this frigid weather makes being outside almost unbearable. So, what better time to concentrate on making your home look absolutely FAB? Part of what makes a space so fabulous is the effect it has on you. Does your home make you feel stressed? Or, does it help calm you after a stressful day at work? It SHOULD be a stress-free environment that helps you recharge.

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When I’m designing a room for clients that should be a retreat, I try and think of several things. If they’re open to the color, I like to suggest blue, white or other calming cool colors. I’m always amazed by how a color can really set the mood of a room. If you’re in doubt, go with light neutrals like white and gray. Seeing these shades is like cleansing your palate of everything that happened in the day!

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Light is so important to set a good mood too! I ALWAYS say to light all four corners of a room. A well-lit room is a happy room! Natural light is always great. Think about leaving your windows without curtains if it’s a room that needs less privacy. Or, think about layering sheer and solid curtains for light and privacy.

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Bring the outdoors inside for a little extra comfort. I LOVE to keep fresh flowers around my home. There’s just something extra special. Talk about luxe everyday living! When you go to the trouble of buying a bouquet, you’ll feel extra special. Remember, you’re worth it!

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Keeping houseplants in containers around will also give that lush element. Plus, you don’t have to replace them as often as fresh flowers. There are some fabulous, colorful options out there!

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What are your tricks to creating a stress-free spot in your home? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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