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Tuesday Trend's: Plummy Accents

Hello lovelies! If there’s one thing I simply adore, it’s color! Nothing, (nothing!), can transform a space faster than throwing in a few pops of color. One of my current fave shades is plum. It’s rich, vibrant and so feminine…all things that make for a standout space! Plum has been popping up everywhere and I’ve been keeping tabs on the luscious color through Pinterest and other ways. How sexy is this bathroom? I love how the plum walls make metallic backsplash pop! Va va voom!

Via Pinterest

Not quite ready to paint your bath this lovely shade? No fear! There are lots of accents to insert the vampy shade into your space. A good throw pillow can really pull a look together. Plus, it’s a FAB and easy way to update a living area. This plum one will really make patterns and contrasting throw pillows pop!

Maria la Rosa Square Pillow from Lost and Found

New candles and votive holders are always making appearances in my home! I love the flexibility of moving around little votive holders to bring a new look and feel to a space. This plum metallic votive cup is simply MAGICAL! You know I love metallic and this is a great way to get my dose on a small scale.

Grace Votive Cup from Z Gallerie

I’m a big believer in bringing some color into your beauty routine, too! I hate when people just stick to the basics in the winter. That’s too boring. This rich rouge is a bold beauty take on this color trend. Try a little bit dabbed on your lips to start. Are you feeling EXTRA brave? Try some as blush on your cheeks, too!

Isa’s Restoratives Lilac Rouge from CatBird

A set of colorful bath tables lightens the lavatory mood. And who wouldn’t want a LUXE piece of Missoni in their home? (I’ll take more than one!) These towels are simply divine. It won’t do for just one color from this classic fashion house, though. The multi-color stripes take these from just fun to extraordinarily fab!

Master Towels from Missoni

Do you think plum is having a moment right now too? What’s your favorite use of the gorgeous color? Let’s start the conversation in the comments below!

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