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Guest Blogger of the Week: Tina of Life in Sketch - BlogTour 2013 Part 2

Hello again! It's Tina of Life in Sketch, back with you this week sharing more of my favorite things from BlogTour and IMM Cologne. Last week I shared a few fabulous things I saw at IMM Cologne, but since there were so many amazing things at IMM, Robin has asked me to share more of my top picks with you. (Thanks Robin for having me!) Alivar is an Italian company and it's collection was designed by Architect Giuseppe Bavuso. Last week I shared it's WAVY bookshelf with you, but the company has so much more to offer than just that. This Layer table is made of stainless steel, with a layer of white acrylic stone placed over the steel. It's extremely durable, and the slim tapered legs make it a nice fit for both the home and office. Layer Table, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 The Maya bed, also by Alivar is designed and named after their Mayans, because of their long line of artists and architects that put much thought into the materials and shapes they use. The linear bed can be upholstered in both leather and fabric, and has an aluminum frame. The bed is gorgeous, but the story sold me! Alivar bed, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 EX.T has designed a new, simple basin, Ray. The Ray is unlike most basins I've seen, because of it's furniture-like base. When I first saw this, I actually did think it was a piece of furniture! EX.T's Ray basin, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 I fell in love with Bruhl's easy pieces collection. The line has sofas chairs and tables, and each seat and back cushion is individually upholstered, making things, well, easy! I'm a New Yorker, I love black. So when I saw this, I knew I had to share! Easy Pieces, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 Christmas has past but you may may want to keep this in mind for next year. Keilbach has designed a unique Christmas tree stand, Halleluja, that recently won a Red Dot award! The sleek stand comes in three colors, red, green and white, and will make the perfect accessory to any tree! Tree Stand, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 Veuve Clicquot teamed up with Fusiontables to create a table that all party hosts need. It's a dining table that turns into a billiards table! (Yes, this will make the men happy too!) The limited edition line consists of just 99 tables. veuve clicquot table, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 The Cult chair by Machalke is one of the most interesting things I saw at IMM. The comfortable chair can be transformed from a sitting position to a cocoon by adjusting the collar in one quick movement. Bonus: it's also on a swivel! This is the best reading chair I've seen! Cult Chair, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 I am not normally one to choose felt as my upholstery of choice, but when I saw the products by Hey Sign, I was smitten. The felt lamp covers are interchangeable and are available in 42 colors, so they can be changed to fit your space at any time. Hey Sign, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 Intoconcept's latest launch, Cube, is pretty genius. We spend so much time communicating with others, on social media, on our smart phones, that we don't always get to focus. The Cube can solve that problem and give us a sound proof place to work or interact without distractions. Cube, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 The CU! outdoor chair for Wilde + Spieth was designed to resemble a simpler way of seating. It is stable and stackable, and available in in stainless steel as well as a variety of colors. It's also available with a seat and back cushion. CU!, shown at IMM Cologne 2013 Along with last week's top picks you've now learned about 20 new products that were launched at IMM Cologne this year. It's really hard for me to pick my favorite, but I'd love know what yours is so leave your comments below! For more IMM and BlogTour coverage, head over to my blog, Life in Sketch, or to Modenus, the host of BlogTour. {All images were provided by IMM to the press}

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