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Color Me Excited: My Fave Spring Colors

Believe it or not, spring it right around the corner. I know, it's hard to believe that here in New York - it's freezing! Before you know it the sun will be out and it'll be time for some spring cleaning and my fave...redecorating! I always say, surround yourself with colors that make you look great... and when the weather gets warmer, you definitely want to look FABULOUS! Today I'm narrowing down my FAVE spring colors, to help keep you at your best. Earlier this year I told you about Pantone's color of 2013 - Emerald Green. This color is still going strong and is the PERFECT accent color for spring. Green represents nature and growth, why wouldn't you want it in your home?! This is the easiest color to bring into your home, because you can do it with just plants! Robin Baron's favorite spring colors

Emerald Green accents from Remodelista

Lemon is truly a spring color! It's light, airy and refreshing! If you're looking to make a striking transition from the cold, grey winter, lemon yellow is definitely the way to go. You can add some lemon pillows or throws if you don't want to completely redecorate, or try out a lemon yellow shower curtain. A little goes a long way with this bright color! Robin Baron's favorite spring colors

Lemon yellow bedroom from Houzz

I have to admit, I'm really into poppy red right now. I didn't expect to be, but there's something inviting about it that I just can't get over! Poppy is beautiful because it works well with almost every other color. It's a nice surprise, especially in the spring. Look for poppy red flowers, or if you're daring, poppy red chairs! Robin Baron's favorite spring colors

Poppy dining room from Apartment Therapy

Royal blue is a classic color that will not let you down. I'm adding this to my spring fave list, but I have to tell you... I love royal blue year round! It's inviting, yet cool at the same time. It makes for a very sexy room. If blue flowers are in season where you live, you MUST get some. If not, add some royal with artwork, vases or other accessories. This rich color is very inviting. Robin Baron's favorite spring colors

Royal blue living room from The Design Files

My last fave pick may seem unexpected, because of how much I love color. My last pick is linen! Last year blush was totally trending, and this year I'm predicting linen. It's soft and comfortable, which is just what we need after such a cold winter season. It's also the perfect backdrop for any of my other fave spring colors! You can easily combing linen with any of the colors above and have the most FAB space on the block. Robin Baron's favorite spring colors

Linen bedroom from Decorpad

I've just shared my top spring colors with you, and I'd love to know, which are your favorites? Are they any I've listed, or something completely different? When are you planning to update your home for spring? Leave me a comment (or two!) below...

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