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Fashion Inspired Home Decor

Hi Fabulistas!

New York Fashion Week is coming up and I can't wait! I started my career as a fashion designer before transitioning to interior design, so I get especially excited to see what's in store this time of year. The worlds of fashion design and interior design are closely linked so we often see the colors, textures and dressmaker details from the runway translated to home fashions. That's why I recommend that you head to your closet for inspiration when you're looking to change up your own personal decorating style.

Here's what to consider:

Color, texture and pattern: What themes do you notice when looking at your wardrobe? Are your jackets silky and flowing made from beautifully patterned fabric? Do you see mostly solid colors in fabulous textures? If you gravitate towards certain colors with your clothes, consider this a great launching point for either wall color, the color of a main focal point like a large piece of furniture, or one of the main accent colors you weave throughout your home. Incorporate your love of pattern and texture into wall and window coverings, as well and your furniture pieces.

Wardrobe inspiration - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Pinterest

Tailored vs. less formal: If you love the look of a fitted jacket or an impeccably tailored suit, you'll probably gravitate towards the polished look of clean lines and finely upholstered pieces. Does your style lean towards BoHo? An eclectic approach might appeal to you where you fill your rooms with casual and refreshed furniture accented with mix and match finds. If you love to mix vintage and contemporary clothing, try the same around your home!

Tailored home decor - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Embellishments: Clothing embellishments can range from subtle statements to extreme detailing. A look through your wardrobe will reveal your preference for decorative fasteners, intricate detailing or other refined and elegant touches. Whether on your furniture, window coverings or decorative accessories, you can easily translate these same embellishment details to your home by choosing items with fabulous trims and finishes. Your home is a reflection of your personality, so really have fun with it!

Embellished design - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler

Layering: When layering your outfits, if you go beyond a single scarf and venture into mixing patterns and textures for the ultimate pulled-together look, consider your home as the ultimate place to play! Layer stripes and prints, or bring in shades of your dominant decor color to create a cohesive story. Think about adding depth by layering your window treatments, create a wonderfully luxurious bed by layering linens, and remember to have fun with throw pillows and blankets, too!

Layered textiles - Robin BaronImage Robin Baron

Accessories: Just like accessories make an outfit, the same holds true for your home! Maybe you love fresh and funky jewelry, or you prefer a more traditional tone with pearls and gold, have fun and let your eyes guide you. Just like with jewelry, you'll often find accessories for your home will suddenly catch your eye and you'll just know it's the perfect piece to complement your home.

Fabulous home accessories - Robin Baron

Image Robin Baron

Your closet is the place where you're sure of your style, so you're bound to find inspiration inside!

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