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5 Happy Home, Happy Weekend Inspirations


The weekend is upon us! It's amazing what a few inspired days can do to renew and refresh your outlook and positivity. If you're like me, spending time at home is one of those precious gifts we give ourselves. After all, your home is your sanctuary and sets the scene for fabulous living! On that note, let's design a happy weekend with these happy home inspirations:

- Restful sleep inspires everything! Indulge yourself and linger just a bit longer in the bed of your dreams. Make it an extra special retreat with buttery soft sheets, a generous amount of fluffy pillows and sumptuously layered linens that make you feel like you're wrapped in a cloud.

Happy weekend designs - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Apartment Therapy

- Set a tranquil scene for catching up with your favorite characters in a cozy reading nook. A few plush cushions and a well-placed ottoman, along with throw blankets for extra softness or warmth create the perfect place for you to lose yourself after a few pages!

Weekend design inspirations - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Decor Aid

- Add a touch of serenity by bringing the outdoors inside. Indulge your senses and bring in elements from nature like plants or flowers in delightful planters. There's a peacefulness to gardening indoors and it's long been known to make you happier and inspire confidence.

Happy weekend inspirations - Robin Baron

Image courtesy The Jungalow

- Since happy and healthy go hand in hand, treat yourself to a new delicious recipe like this Almond Berry and Chicken Spinach Salad. Think of each new recipe as going on a taste adventure and the weekend is the perfect time to explore new ingredient and flavor combinations. The joy of food is really like no other!

Weekend designs - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Chelsea's Messy Apron

- Make it the perfect weekend with the perfect beverage! Sip on a soothing cup of tea while you read, stay refreshed with a glass of sweet tea while swinging in a hammock, or toast to a happy weekend with a cheery cocktail. This Watermelon Strawberry Sangria looks divine.

Weekend inspirations - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Food Network

Have fun making it a happy weekend at home. I always say, "When you feel good about your home, you feel good about your life!"

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