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5 Dorm Room Decor Inspirations from Instagram

Hi Fabulistas!

Going away to college is filled with new faces, new classes and a new home! It's an exciting time and one of those rites of passage we get to experience as we move into adulthood. Once on campus, your new home away from home will most likely be the dorms where you'll create lasting memories and begin many lifelong friendships. Your dorm room is truly an all-purpose room. It's your library, recreation room, bedroom, and haven from all that the first year of college brings. It's important that your dorm room be an inspiring and comforting space. To help you, I pulled together 5 fabulous dorm room decor inspirations from Instagram to help you create a room that's everything you need and love!

1. Think outside the box, literally, when it comes to arranging your dorm room furniture. Create defined spaces for studying, sleeping or relaxing by placing your furniture at right angles or by utilizing the space under extra tall beds. Try a symmetrical layout on either side of the room or have fun experimenting with non-traditional furniture placement.

Dorm life decor - Robin Baron

Image courtesy @dormbooker

2. One of the first things you'll notice is that storage is at a premium in the dorms, especially if you have a roommate. Look for creative ways to work in additional storage that also adds to your room's overall aesthetic. I love how a set of shelves are used here as a headboard and as a hutch above the desk. Add a message center by hanging a cork board or white board inside the shelves and keep items organized in colorful coordinating bins and boxes.

Dorm room decorating - Robin Baron Image courtesy @collegedormideas

3. You'll relish every moment of sleep in college, so make your bed as inviting and comfortable as possible! Soft sheets and layered linens are the perfect start, then add a duvet and throw blanket. Choose colors and patterns that you love to make it your own! If your bed doubles as a sofa, you can easily turn it into a comfy daybed with throw pillows and blankets that make it the ultimate reading nook or lounging spot when your friends are over for movie night!

Decorating your dorm - Robin Baron

Image courtesy @squareoneorg

4. Lighting is so important in any space, especially a dorm room! If your desk doubles as a vanity, try using a stylish desk lamp with a daytime lightbulb. Place a small light next to your bed, and if you have room, use a floor lamp with a dimmer instead of the overhead lights.

College dorm decor - Robin Baron

Image courtesy @seventeen

5. Luckily, there's many options nowadays for hanging wall art on most any surface so here's where you have the most freedom to decorate! Create a space to display photos and art work that you can easily rotate, frame inspirational quotes around your work area for that extra dose of motivation or hang art that reminds you of home or your favorite place. Let your personality show!

Dorm room decor - Robin BaronImage courtesy @dormify

With a little creativity, you can turn your dorm room into a beautiful space that's the perfect home away from home!

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