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Design Insider: Art

Fabulistas, A picture is worth a thousand words…and these beautiful art pieces each have their own story to tell. I like to start with a clean slate so that we can see what the client really wants, and then we source pieces that fit in with their aesthetic. After we define what's in a client's dream vision, we look for pieces that match their design fantasy. Art is one of the main focal points of a room. It really adds depth, and it can add color to even the gloomiest of corners. Art is about creating unexpected life in unexpected places that can help balance the room in a way that is unique. Art is more than just a pretty face; it's the feeling of the piece that must be taken into account. The feeling has to be consistent throughout all rooms in a way that makes sense to the owner. These factors all help create balance. Walls are more than just a surface. Choosing a wall-covering or paint color is very much a part of the artistic process. The room should be designed first and then art is brought in to punctuate, highlight and expand both the conversation and the design of the room. One thing I've learned during my years of design experience is that lighting is very, very important. Not every art piece needs to be lit. Some pieces have voices of their own, while others use the light as a way to accentuate the artist and brighten up the room in a different way. Wall coverings are canvases; they must be consistent with the piece of art placed on them. You don't want wall coverings to take texture or color away from the art, but compliment it instead. Have you seen what I’m pinning lately? Pinterest serves as the digital mood-board for all of us design enthusiasts! Here are a few pieces I adore; rich in both color and history. Below are some of the paintings I've chosen to include.
thumbnail (1) Oliver Gal Gallery
thumbnail MS Design Maven
thumbnail (3) Clifford Coffin

thumbnail (2)

P.S. Fabulistas: Time Out New York recently featured this month’s best exhibits. I always love find a fun activity on the weekend, and you'll never where you'll be inspired!

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