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Design Insider: Accessories

Fabulistas, Accessories are the best way to transform a home and add your own personality. Much like pieces of jewelry, the most personal way to design a space is to use eclectic design elements that accentuate personal taste. Here are some tips...

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When you use accessories the most important element is layering. Layering in design creates drama. Think of a room as an outfit. The body is your canvas. A great pair of earrings can really make a difference.

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Design is dynamic. As the seasons change, don't be afraid to amp up your style! Try placing vases of fresh flowers around your space to mirror the outside environment.

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Great design is not all about symmetry - it's about balance. Balance is the key factor when scaling a room; it enables a pair of eyes to move through a space, transitioning between every color, pattern and texture in a seamless manner.


Be bold! Do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Plan a trip and choose a destination you that you never thought you would like to go. You may discover a new place to love!

Photos courtesy of Karosis Rodriguez

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